Where to find suitable workspaces for artists? Welcome to the webinar to hear the proposals!

How to find suitable spaces for independent artists, cultural makers, and groups in Tampere? The city of Tampere is taking steps to solve this problem and publishes a report about the needs of the artists. The report includes also proposals.

The report will be presented in an open webinar on, 26th of January at 4 pm (Finnish time). Read more about the webinar here.

Questionnaire provided information

Musicians, Painters, Photographers, Performers,…the list goes on and on. Tampere’s Independent Art Scene has been one of the key elements that make our city and region into what it is today. This raises the question, ‘’where do all these artists find space to execute their work?’’ Tampere, which is applying to become the European Capital of Culture 2026 has begun to tackle the problem to find solutions to improve the conditions for cultural activities.

The process has already started in early 2020 where both, Tampere’s Cultural Department and Tampere’s Real Estate Department came together to work towards one common goal: to find workspaces and suitable operation models for independent artists in Tampere.

In fall 2020, Tampere’s cultural sector organized an event for people from different cultural fields to get to the bottom of their needs and insights regarding this topic. With over 50 key players participating, the event was a warmly welcomed success. At the same time, an online questionnaire was published to determine the need for more cultural spaces in Tampere. 457 survey participants provided a good amount of useful insights that can help to get closer to reach the desired goals.

The Goals to be achieved are:

  • permanent cultural campuses for different cultural fields
  • an understanding of how to use buildings that are nearing their end of life to be used as spaces for temporary art exhibitions etc.
  • A well thought out model that provides a better understanding of the use of cultural facilities and buildings that can be adjusted for this kind of function


Read more about the process of the development of cultural facilities (in Finnish).