We're in the finals!

Riku Suokas, Lauri Lyly, Jaakko Stenhäll, Paulina Ahokas among others were giving high fives when the Tampere success was announced.

This will keep you up to date on how the Tampere Capital of Culture bid is progressing

Tampere and 19 municipalities of Pirkanmaa are applying for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2026. There are still many years to go, but how does the bid progress and how do you stay on the map in its various stages?

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In summary, the application process proceeds as follows:

  • To date, pre-selection of candidate cities has taken place. The first meeting of the International European Capital of Culture 2026 panel was held on 16 June. and June 23–24, 2020 Helsinki Central Library in Oodi, Helsinki.
  • The jury evaluated the applications of Oulu, Savonlinna and Tampere and heard the presentations of the cities. The jury’s recommendation was that all three cities proceed to the second and decisive round.
  • Next is the time for further development of applications. The cities have until April 23, 2021 to develop and refine their applications. The development work is based on the jury’s feedback on the application books.
  • And finally, the European Capital of Culture for 2026 will be chosen at the jury meeting on June 2, 2021 in Helsinki.