This is how students see Tampere – Surprising pictures

How do the students see Tampere? 13 students of the creative media in the Luovi vocational College took up the challenge and checked if Tampere is a suitable city to become the European Capital of Culture.


The students took pictures all over Tampere, e.g. in the city center, Rauhaniemi, Niihama and Lielahti. The subjects were e.g. Tammerkoski rapids, Kehräsaari, Lukkosilta, Laukontori, Sorsapuisto, Kuivaamo and Kaarikoirat skatehall, the old epidemic hospital and the “Whole village yard” in Eteläpuisto, the railway station and Station Tunnel, Alasjärvi and Rauhaniemi.

“For the students, this was a whole new kind of project. Many people learned to look at the environment in a whole new way and found places in Tampere that they had never visited before or had never noticed before,” says Terja Vaaranmaa, Luovi’s director.

The students also gave good feedback:

“It was really nice! It felt good to take pictures of my own hometown. Tampere is a great city and I really hope that Tampere will become the capital of culture. With the project I also got to develop my own photography skills, which will be very useful for the future,” says Sennimaria Holstikko.

“It was really interesting to get to know the history and present of the subjects while filming them,” says Meri Niiranen.

“We walked downtown for at least 7 kilometers and sometimes we didn’t even know where we were. It was fun and we found completely new places! And we also got coffee ..”, says Masi Järveläinen.

In the student feedback in Tampere, “new and old, urban roughness and pure nature go hand in hand, creating a unique whole”.

In the eyes of those who have moved from elsewhere, Tampere is “an urban but at the same time rustic idyllic city with lively villages. It is full of the havina, the buzz and the new life of history. The residents are hospitable, friendly and authentic and everyone is free to express their own personality, which is positively reflected in the street scene.”

13 students were present: Mio Hautala, Meri Niiranen, Senni Holstikko, Masi Järveläinen, Sasu-Matti Tenhunen, Onni-Pekka Rautanen, Nea Uusitalo, Auri Savonen, Valto Pitkänen, Frekrik Hammarström, Seidi Salonen, Sesilia Hiltunen, Riga Hia.


Luovi is Finland’s largest vocational special education institution. Luovi operates in more than 20 locations across Finland, including Tampere.


Below is a compilation of pictures of the students. You can find bigger image folder under this link.

tyttö nurmella
Lehtiä hiuksissa.
Kuva koskesta
Lentävät lehdet
Kuva järveltä.
Roikkuvia kenkiä.
Hyppäävä tyttö.
Kukkaruukku ja nukke.
Ruukku on kotini.