Let's do something good together!

Sunflowers! Photo: Laura Vanzo.

The world, Europe and we all need good deeds


The #haloopirkanmaa campaign invites every Pirkanmaa resident to do good deeds and tell everyone about them.

The campaign is made because the Tampere Region Capital of Culture bid wants to show the whole Europe how small actions can improve the community and change the world.

Join the team and participate in the campaign on the #haloopirkanmaa campaign page (tampereregion2026.fi/en/haloo-pirkanmaa/).

Instructions can be found on the website. The idea is that a good deed is told on a form. In addition, it is requested that the work would be shared in social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and the update would include the Tampere Capital of Culture bid with the tag @tampereregion2026. This is done simply by writing: @TampereRegion2026 at the end of the message. Please add hashtag #haloopirkanmaa2026 also to the message.

We will look for good deeds in the social media stream and distribute them further in our own channels and also tell about them later in separate stories.

Good deeds will be revealed on the #haloopirkanmaa campaign page. Already there you can find, among other things, the Tampere Theater’s equality project and Danny Boyle’s House of Dance dance school’s great spring campaign, where Danny and other artists gave free training sessions online. Danny also made a great video on the subject:

The “recipe” of a good deed

What, then, is a good deed worth telling?

For example, good deeds can increase interaction, promote equality and inclusion, combat loneliness, increase environmental well-being, give better access to culture and sport, and even encourage mobility.

The deeds can be small or large – and of course something in between! A good deed can be existing, completely new, or even implemented earlier this 2020.

Here are some ideas of what the deeds might be like:

Offer help to a neighbor / community
Organize yard concerts, art events, games or quizzes in the neighborhood or in your own district
Make a donation
Ask if the kindergarten, sports club, local school or other community needs any craft materials or sports equipment and then organize their collection
Organize an online concert, course, lecture or even a fairytale session
Make community art with a group
Clean up debris from the environment