The themes of our Capital of Culture bid are revealed on 16 August!

Puistofiesta 2017 / Photo by Laura Vanzo

The themes of our Capital of Culture bid are revealed on 16 August!


The material gathered through a resident survey, the Capital of Culture 2026 pre-parties, idea booths and culture-maker encounters has finally shaped the key themes of our bid. The themes are revealed on 16 August, and the reveal is celebrated in Puistofiesta on 18 August along with other activity. The themes also act as the basis of the next phase of the project, the open call for programme proposals.


The themes discuss the desired future of Tampere and the Tampere Region

The themes of Tampere and the Tampere Region’s European capital of culture 2026 bid are revealed in G Livelab Tampere on 16 August, 10–11 a.m. The purpose of the themes is to sum up the identity of Tampere and the Tampere Region and the direction that they wish to take by bidding to become a European Capital of Culture. The themes are based on ideas gathered at our idea booths, resident event discussions, encounters with culture-makers and the results of a resident survey conducted during June and July.

The event will also include publishing the bidding slogan and opening the call for programme proposals. The slogan will act as the head of our project communications, and the purpose of the call for programme proposals is to gather as many great programme proposals for the Capital of Culture bid as possible.


The theme reveal is celebrated in the Hämeenpuisto Puistofiesta!

Herra Hakkarainen, Folkextreme, Aliisa Syrjä Bänd, Sorin sirkus, Taikuri and much more! Our Capital of Culture bid celebrates the reveal of the themes with a diverse programme in the Hämeenpuisto Puistofiesta and introduces cultural operators from the Tampere Region. You can hang your ideas on a string, follow the programme, come chat with us or get yourself a theme balloon at our activity point. Read more about our programme:

The Hämeenpuisto Puistofiesta is held for the tenth time on Sunday, 18 August. The park event is open to the public and features various activity points where people can try something new. The main stage offers music and interviews with authors. The event is hosted by Simo Frangén.

Welcome to the theme reveal event on 16 August at 10 a.m. in G Livelab and to celebrate with us in the Hämeenpuisto Puistofiesta on 18 August, starting from 11 a.m.!


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