This is how the European Capital of Culture is selected

Photo: Ossi Piispanen

The success of Tampere in the Capital of Culture competition will be announced after Midsummer

Are Tampere and 19 other municipalities in Pirkanmaa proceeding towards the title of European Capital of Culture 2026? Possible progression in the two-stage competition will be announced on June 24th at a press conference of the Ministry of Education and Culture at 1 p.m. The final selection will be made next year.

In addition to Tampere, Oulu and Savonlinna are applying to the title of Capital of Culture. Most large cities in Eastern Finland are involved in the Savonlinna application.

From these three applicants, an international panel of experts will select 1-3 graduates in Helsinki on June at a pre-selection meeting.

The selection is based on the application books submitted in advance to the panel by the applicant cities. In addition, each city will hold an approximately one and a half hour presentation and interview session during two days. Tampere will be represented by a delegation of about ten people led by Mayor Lauri Lyly.

The international panel includes cultural experts from all over Europe. In previous years, the jury has traveled to the site to interview the candidates, but due to exceptional circumstances, the interview will be conducted this time as a remote meeting from Helsinki. Only delegations from the applicant cities travel to Helsinki on the spot.

Cities that have advanced from pre-selection will use the rest of the year to flesh out and deepen their applications. This so-called second phase also includes a jury visit to the applicant cities.

The final selection of the European Capital of Culture will take place in the spring of 2021 from among the finalists.

More information about the selection can be found in this document.