The people of Tampere value saunas, lakes and festivals

The Sauna Day at Rajaportti Sauna. Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

The people of Tampere value saunas, lakes and festivals

The residents of Tampere value above all else saunas, lakes, festivals, events and concerts. As interesting experiences they mentioned theatres and plays, children’s culture, different musical experiences and museums and art exhibitions.

There is room for development in event communications, the number of free and affordable events and maintenance of a varied selection of events.

This was revealed by a resident survey carried out by the culture and leisure services of Tampere and the Capital of Culture 2026 bid. The survey investigated the cultural dreams of the residents of Tampere and Tampere region and how they would develop the cultural activities of their hometowns. The survey was open online from 30 March until 15 June. It was also possible to take the survey on a tablet and paper at events.

The most important themes of the survey were the strengths and most interesting cultural experiences of each respondent’s hometown as well as the versatility, communality and appeal of the cultural life. The respondents of the online survey were also asked which themes they considered most important for the Capital of Culture bid.

Residents of Tampere Region hoped that the Capital of Culture bid would highlight the strong cultural heritage such as notable artists, ancient history, the proximity of nature and specifically the bodies of water as well as the vitality of cultural life even in the smaller towns.

The respondents hoped for the following themes to be highlighted in Tampere: the history of Tampere, the theatres, the proximity of nature, and Hiedanranta along with phenomena connected to it, such as communality and the factory milieu.

Most of the survey respondents were from Tampere (online survey 51.5%, tablet and paper survey 82%). The majority of the respondents were women (online survey 73.4%, tablet and paper survey 70%) and the largest age group was those aged 50–59 (online survey 32%, tablet and paper survey 19%) and the second largest age group was those aged 40–49 (online survey 22.8%, tablet and paper survey 17%).

The results of the resident surveys have been used both in the planning of Tampere’s cultural strategy and in the selection of themes for Tampere and Tampere Region’s European Capital of Culture 2026 bid.

The themes for the Capital of Culture bid will be published on 16 August and Tampere’s cultural strategy is estimated to be completed by the end of this year.