The most attractive city in Finland? Of course it’s Tampere!

The most attractive cities in Finland are Tampere and Kuopio. Tampere stands out among the ten largest cities: it is number one in terms of both attraction and reputation. Among the ten largest cities, Jyväskylä, Turku, Oulu and Espoo also receive good marks.

T-Media’s Attraction & Impact study examined the views of potential residents on the attractiveness of Finland’s ten largest cities. Although there are clear differences in the ratings received by the cities surveyed, on average, cities receive the best ratings for their location, the services they provide, and the vitality of the area.

In addition to the Attraction & Impact model, the reputation of Tampere and other surveyed cities was assessed using the Trust & Reputation model, which measures, among other things, the functioning of the city’s administration and its reputation as an employer.

Comfort and safety

COVID-19 has changed people’s perceptions and aspirations about their own living environment. The most important aspects of urban attraction are the comfort and safety of the residential area, as well as community spirit.

Tampere is a model example of a city where a lot of work has been done for a long time in terms of the city’s various attractions and reputation. The city is the only city to receive an excellent rating in the area of ​​vitality, which is a growing economic area where companies are doing well.

– At the heart of our success is good co-operation with companies, the business community and the university community in our region. In our residents, our largest age group is 24-year-olds, who are the impetus for competence, innovation and development. Of course, in companies, studies and jobs alone, we do not get first place, but we need culture, experiences and functional services, as well as investments to support well-being and growth. We are widely praised for this ability to make decisions and improve the lives of the people of Tampere, says Tampere Mayor Lauri Lyly.

The results can be considered partly surprising. Helsinki remains the last of the ten largest cities in terms of attraction, although it gets the best value for its location alongside Tampere.

– This is partly explained by two factors in which Helsinki is doing poorly: the cost structure and the respondents’ views on the environment. As such, it is interesting that the neighboring city of Espoo receives a good rating for the environment. Respondents perceive Espoo as a safe and comfortable residential area, says Kari Väisänen from T-Media.

The results are based on the Attraction & Impact survey carried out in November-December 2020, which examined the attractiveness of Finland’s ten cities with the largest population, especially among potential residents. 1,696 Finns participated in the study.