The mayor of Tampere, Lauri Lyly, received his copy of the Tampere bid book.

Mayor Lyly and the city board got their copies of Tampere bid book

The bid books of Tampere and Pirkanmaa for the European Capital of Culture were submitted on Friday 23rd of April to Ministry of Education and Culture. Monday 26th of April Tampere Mayor Lauri Lyly received his own copy at the beginning of the Tampere City board meeting.

“This is an excellent application,” Lyly praised.

“Here is the joint effort of 20 municipalities. This is where the issues that are important to our culture have been raised and we can give something to Europe about how to become ‘Equally European’. ”

An edition of a few hundred copies has been printed, which will be distributed to important bid stakeholders in the near future. Due to Covid restrictions, mail must be used for distribution.

The bid book book is free to read on this page.