Yasmeen Hassan and Equality Now Receive Gender Equality Prize

Yasmeen Hassan received International Gender Equality Proze in behalf of Equality Now.

The Gender Equality Prize: Equality Now Changed 50 Discriminatory Laws 

On December 2nd, the global women’s rights organization Equality Now received the Finnish International Gender Equality Prize of 300,000 euros. The prize was handed to the organization’s Global Executive Director, Yasmeen Hassan, in Tampere Hall.  

Tampere and Tampere Region’s European Capital of Culture 2026 project would like to offer their warmest congratulations!

While opening the award ceremony, the Chair of the Tampere City Council, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, reminded the audience about the significant role of Tampere in the strive for equality, ever since the General Strike and Red Declaration of 1905.

Ikonen also noted that the European Capital of Culture 2026 bid has also chosen equality as its main theme. Tampere wants to become the Capital of Equality.

The prize was deservedly granted to Equality Now for the organization’s long-standing work: During its 27 years in operation, Equality Now has managed to repeal or change more than 50 discriminatory laws.

The Prize Committee chose the winner from 300 candidates. According to the Committee, Equality Now does very significant and influential work on gender equality. The organization advocates changes in laws and policies and helps to shift gender norms, having an impact locally, nationally, regionally and internationally. It also attempts to engage both women and men in its work, and makes efforts to mobilize young people to support a new generation of young leaders.

More details on Equality Now’s work can be found on the Gender Equality Prize website.

– Equality is the solution to all our problems, Yasmeen Hassan said in an interview by Aamulehti newspaper.

– We know that eradicating poverty is tied to women’s rights. The same applies to climate change. All these things are connected, Hassan noted to Aamulehti.

Equality Now and the Prize Committee have agreed that the prize sum of 300,000 euros will be used to support the organization’s world-wide campaign promoting equal family legislation.

The year 2020 marks both the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action and the 5th anniversary of the adoption of sustainable development goals.

In 2020, Equality Now’s Words and Deeds campaign will present clear reforms that governments can undertake based on the Beijing Platform for Action to achieve legal equality.

The report compiled by Equality Now focuses particularly on reforming religious & customary family laws. It advocates for the reform of gender discriminatory family legislation, one of the biggest obstacles to achieving equality. The campaign aims to ignite a global movement to ensure that all women and girls have the same rights to equality and bodily integrity.

The Award Ceremony is available for viewing in the Yle Areena service.

Yasmeen Hassan.