The first Sauna day in Tampere on 27 July 2019!

Tullin Sauna / Photo by Laura Vanzo

The first Sauna day in Tampere on 27 July 2019!

A sauna day is now organised for the first time ever in Tampere as part of the national Saunapäivä programme launched by YLE. The event is held in Ratina on 27 July 2019, and this year Tampere is at the heart of the event – YLE’s final Saunapäivä broadcast will be filmed in Ratinanniemi, right in the middle of Tampere! In addition to sauna, the event includes games, music, local food and palju tubs.

Under the guidance of the world champion of tying a sauna whisk

You can participate in a sauna whisk workshop and try making your own whisk at our Capital of Culture bid’s booth at Saunapäivä. Our booth is going to feature two whisk experts, Pentti Haapala from Ikaalinen and Juha Koro from Virrat. Both experts have years of experience, so you are guaranteed to learn the secrets of tying a sauna whisk at our booth. You can even receive world champion-level tips from Pentti Haapala. Haapala can also be asked for tips regarding smoke saunas; Haapala is one of the founding members of the International Smoke Sauna Club. According to Koro, the best sauna is heated by wood and has a good amount of oxygen.

Sauna in the depths of an allotment garden

On Sauna day, saunas all around Finland will open their doors to the public and give people the opportunity to tour several different saunas during the day. In Tampere, saunas that open their doors to the public include the Nekala allotment garden and POAS in Tieteenkatu, Hervanta. You can dive into the gentle heat of a smoke sauna in Kauhtua, Hämeenkyrö and Hukianhovi in Vesilahti, among others. Several spectacular saunas, such as the Saunabiili built into an old fire engine, can be visited in Ratinanniemi.

YLE will broadcast live around Finland on the national Sauna day, and the events of Ratinanniemi in Tampere are at the focus of the broadcast. You can get into the Sauna day mood in advance by watching the Saunapäivä television show by YLE. Sauna day is celebrated on Sunday, 27 July 2019, and the event in Ratinanniemi takes place at 2–10:30 p.m.