Tampere needs an art campus along the tramway, near the city centre

The Mayor Lauri Lyly and the Debuty Mayor Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki at the presentation of the working group's final report

Tampere needs an art campus along the tramway, near the city centre

Tampere needs an art campus that focuses on performing arts. The campus would gather operators from different fields together and make “diverse artistic work” possible. It would also promote Tampere’s journey towards becoming a European Capital of Culture.

Such was the suggestion of the working group led by Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki, Deputy Mayor of Tampere. The group submitted its final report to Mayor Lauri Lyly on 7 August.

The working group presents that the art campus should be located near the city centre and along the tramway. However, the final report does not suggest an exact location.

Why is the working group proposing building an art campus? According to the report, a modern education center for performing arts would be a significant project both regionally and nationally, and it would attract international attention. It would also support the objectives of developing the city’s appeal, competence and memorability.

In addition, it is necessary to solve the facility-related problems of the Hatanpää upper secondary school in Tampere, other educational operators in the region and the city’s humanitarian communities as soon as possible. Carrying out this facility solution in cooperation with multiple operators would make the use of facilities, technology and personnel more efficient, diversify the learning environments and promote closer cooperation. The facility solution would enable meeting the higher education criteria of the cultural sector and developing education further.

In the working group’s daring vision, Tampere is an internationally renowned city of performing arts and art education by 2030.

Tampere is a statistical number one

Many statistics of the cultural sector support the working group’s presentation. Tampere has the second most performing arts operators in Finland after the Helsinki metropolitan area. Its domain of performing arts is also very international. There are six state-granted theatres and one orchestra, the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, operating in Tampere. In addition, there are cultural operators receiving allowance from the City and several professionally operating culture and art communities in Tampere.

For example, about 400,000 people go to theatre in Tampere every year. More theatre tickets are being sold per resident in the Tampere Region than anywhere else in Finland. Several indicators show that Tampere is Finland’s number one theatre city.
According to Teosto statistics, Tampere hosts the largest amount of live music concerts in all of Finland, excluding tourist centres in Lapland and the Baltic cruise ships. Therefore Tampere can already be called a great city of art.

Tampere is also the most attractive student city in Finland

The working group began its operations in November 2018. It consisted of representatives from theatres and educational institutions in Tampere, among others. The final report was compiled by Jaakko Laurila, Development Manager of Culture and Leisure services of the City of Tampere.

– The most significant performing arts operators of our region have been active and motivated to participate in processing a joint unit and envisioning a shared future for the operators. This is an important new step for our city, and I would like to thank all the operators. This report and the cooperation it has encouraged offer an excellent basis for further measures, says Mayor Lauri Lyly.

The working group also suggested joint curatorship for performing arts, cooperation between different organisations, a stronger role for the city as a promoter of cooperation, reinforcing resources and making performing arts a central part of the city’s marketing. Naturally, the working group also presents making the report’s initiatives part of Tampere’s bid to become a European Capital of Culture.

The report will next be presented to the committees.