Restaurant terraces can be extended in Tampere this summer

Due to corona crisis the terrace of restaurant Kuuma can not be as full as previous summer. But entrepeneurs are offered a possibility to extend terraces to new areas.

Tampere liberates policy for restaurant terraces

The city of Tampere is taking a great leap towards a more liberal policy for restaurant business, at least for this summer. For example now a terrace can be opened “by way of exception almost anywhere”, as promised at the press conference.

The reform can bring up to thousands of terrace seats and dozens more food outlets to Tampere. They counterbalance the fact that, for safety reasons, existing terraces should not be packed completely full.

The city promises restaurant entrepreneurs affected by the corona, among other things, the following:

  • The terrace areas of the restaurants can be expanded on the basis of applications in areas managed by the city. They can be, for example, a street, a parking space, a park or a beach.
  • Existing terrace guidelines are noted, but city promises to be “flexible to minimize the need for temporary investment”.
  • There is no rent for the extended terrace.
  • The terrace season can be extended to October or November.
  • The city’s 39 event cottages are rented to entrepreneurs, for example, for food pop-up sales.

Where can a cottage or terrace be erected? Deputy Mayor Aleksi Jäntti stated at the press conference that “almost everywhere with exceptional arrangements”.

Probably the most sought after places will be the beaches of Tammerkoski. However, the city made the reservation that it is hardly possible to put a terrace on Hämeensilla.

In addition, an open search will allow “mobile food apartments” to be located in urban areas.

In addition to the restaurant industry, Tampere will increase the comfort of all city residents by bringing 50 folding tables and 400 benches to the city space. They will be placed in pilot sites such as Hämeenpuisto.

More information can be found here.