Tampere and Tampere region wish to become the capital of equality

Puistofiesta 2019

Tampere and Tampere region wish to become the capital of equality

Tampere 2026 – let’s make a song and dance about it! This is the slogan that  Tampere and the Tampere Region will use on their way to becoming a European Capital of Culture in 2026. The desire to be the Capital of Equality is the overarching, more profound theme of the application process.The Capital of Culture bid presented its slogans and themes on 16 August at the G Livelab in Tampere.


More edge, village hopping, sauna and play

Under the overarching theme, there are four sub-themes on which the programme for the year as a Capital of Culture will be built:

More Edge means that Tampere and Tampere region have powerful edge its culture faces its challenges head-on. Is the present edge of Tampere about humour that challenges structures, courage to swim against the current or modesty in front of its own sore points and global challenges?

More village hopping means that we don’t fancy artificial hospitality in the Tampere region and nstead of networking, we favor to talk about village hopping. By hopping, we want to encourage people to work and enjoy together, to move between municipalities sustainably and deepen their knowledge of each other and their cultures.

More sauna means that sometimes it is hardest to see up close. In sauna people sit side by side as equals, stripped of all titles and this is one of the iconic images of Finland. How to create culture that allows people to become themselves, that enables sharing thoughts as well as slowing down and enjoying the silence – in a Finnish way?

More play reminds us that everyone has the right to joy and play. Games and play are present at the ice rink and the “Pikku Kakkonen” playground as well as in the rising gaming industry and on the Tampere Region arts scene. How can culture help us solve current problems, such as social exclusion of children and teenagers? How could playing be a vital part of adults’ lives?


Based on 4,000 public opinions

The themes were chosen on the basis of feedback received earlier in the year. Feedback was collected, for instance, at more than 20 events around the Tampere Region. In addition, our Capital of Culture bid participated in major events, including the Moro car boot sale, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra’s park concert and the Puistofiesta at Hämeenpuisto.

The Capital of Culture bid received ideas from artists and cultural operators as well as over 4,000 opinions from residents. The feedback emphasised children and youth, the dynamic history of the Tampere Region, local village identity, nature and equality.

Equality emerged as the overarching theme in further processing, in which various working groups and municipal decision-makers were involved.

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