Sohvi Sifts and Refines Ideas

Sohvi Sirkesalo

Sohvi Sifts and Refines Ideas

A new member, Sohvi Sirkesalo, has joined the ECOC bid team.

Who are you?

”I am a long-time, all-round culture aficionado living in Tampere. As a person, I am idiotically optimistic and positive to the point of awkwardness.”

What is your main occupation?

”I teach future media and culture professionals, particularly helping them with exchange programmes and internships abroad. In other words, I am an International Coordinator at TAMK’s School of Art, Music and Media.”

What is your role in the ECOC bid project?

”With my wide knowledge of culture, I coordinate the programme teams’ work. I know culture professionals and organisations from all areas of culture. I sift programme ideas. I combine them and take note of their international dimension, equality and digitalization.”

Are you the one who picks the top ideas and dumps the bad ones?

”I’m not dumping anything. I try to help develop ideas, and also to merge them, as we have a lot of similar ideas whirling around. For example, the utilisation of our waterways comes up in many municipalities. Also in Tampere, which according to our equality principle is one of these municipalities. We are all collaborating, not in competition against each other. Let’s build each other up. ”

What are your ties to the Tampere Region?

”I live in Tampere. I was born in Valkeakoski, I have previously lived in Ylöjärvi, I have a holiday home in Teisko and my family lives in Toijala. I have friends in nearly every municipality.”

Can people contact you?

”I hope that people do contact me, and I will myself start reaching out more. My phone number is +358 50 5353115.”