Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

Projects worth 500 000 euros support Tampere European Capital of Culture bid

In Pirkanmaa, two significant regional development projects coordinated by the City of Tampere will be launched in the spring. Kulttuurihyvinvoinnin palveluohjaus Pirkanmaalla (“The service guidance for cultural well-being in Pirkanmaa”) and Kulttuuri ja Taide virtaa (“Culture and Art is flowing”) projects support the bid of Tampere and Pirkanmaa as the European Capital of Culture and are part of the implementation of the City of Tampere’s cultural strategy.

Kulttuurihyvinvoinnin palveluohjaus Pirkanmaalla project involves 19 municipalities in Pirkanmaa and the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. The aim of the project is to direct customers from various social and health care services to culture at an early stage and thus increase the well-being of local residents in a timely manner.

The project will create a structure for service guidance for cultural well-being that promotes equal access and accessibility to culture. One of the goals is to develop a cultural welfare service provider together with other similar projects in Pirkanmaa.

The project has received 348,000 euros in state support from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from the health promotion budget for 2021–2023.

Kulttuuri ja Taide virtaa project will be implemented in 2021‒2022 in cooperation with 14 municipalities in Pirkanmaa. The aim of the project is to find a way to create conditions for professional artistic work and activities through co-operation within the province.

The project will develop a provincial intermediary model that promotes the work, networking and competence of artists and cultural actors, as well as a web platform and service provider that supports it.

The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded the project a grant of EUR 190,000.