Project Still Expanding: Kuhmoinen Also Joining the Bid

In March, Tampere and Tampere Region's application project for the title of Capital of Culture saw a festive opening. Now, Kuhmoinen has also joined the project. Photo: Laura Vanzo.

Project Still Expanding: Kuhmoinen Also Joining the Bid

Tampere and Tampere Region’s application for the title of European Capital of Culture 2026 is still expanding: The municipality of Kuhmoinen is now joining the bid. The municipal board of Kuhmoinen made this unanimous decision at their meeting on October 15th.

Even though Kuhmoinen is not yet officially part of the Tampere Region, the Capital of Culture project had earlier extended the invitation for the municipality to join the bid. Kuhmoinen still has plenty of time to join the programme planning this year.

In Kuhmoinen, the decision to participate was founded in “ensuring that Kuhmoinen receives the maximal benefits from this project.” The municipal board’s agenda also stated that the themes of the bid for Capital of Culture were well-suited to Kuhmoinen’s municipal strategy.

“Joining the bid will also make Kuhmoinen more well-known in the Tampere Region and solidify our place among the other municipalities of the region.” The bid is also thought to bring international benefits to Kuhmoinen.

With Kuhmoinen on board, the Capital of Culture bid includes a total of 19 municipalities.

Change of Region in 2021

At the turn of 2021, Kuhmoinen will be leaving the Central Finland Region to join Tampere Region. The Finnish Government decided on the switch in August.

Kuhmoinen has campaigned to join Tampere Region in recent years. This unanimous wish has been explained with belonging to the Tampere Region Hospital District as well as functional shopping, commuting and traffic connections to Tampere. The change has also been backed by a petition.

With approximately 2 200 residents, Kuhmoinen is currently the southernmost municipality of Central Finland Region. In Tampere Region, it is neighboured by Kangasala and Orivesi.