Act now: There is 450 000 EUR to deliver!

Please tell, how you would use 450 000 EUR to make children and youngsters happy

The city of Tampere is collecting ideas and suggestions from everybody about how to use 450 000 EUR to benefit young people. These ideas for participatory budgeting can be shared in but hurry: you must do it before 15th of May.

“We have got many great ideas from young people. But there are just few suggestions concerning smaller children”, says project planner Jari Mäkäläinen.

Anyone can share their suggestions, regardless of their age and place of residence.

Participatory budgeting is a method in which residents get to plan and decide how tax revenues will be used. This year, the theme of Tampere’s participatory budgeting is the well-being of children and young people.

“We want to hear everyone’s suggestions on how the well-being of minors could be promoted in Tampere. We encourage everyone, from small children to senior citizens, to share their ideas. School classes, associations and other groups can also make suggestions. You can participate even if you don’t live in Tampere,” says Planning Officer Lilli Siikasmaa.

You can share your ideas on the Mun Tampere website at , where they are visible to everyone. You can see the proposals there right away.

These ideas can concern, for example, leisure activities, events or the safety and comfort of your surroundings. They can support daily life or promote togetherness.

These ideas will be further developed into feasible plans in open workshops from 17 August to 11 September 2020. In November, Tampere residents will vote and decide which plans will be put into practice. All residents aged 12 or older (including those turning 12 this year) will have a chance to vote.

The City of Tampere is committed to putting the winning plans into practice during 2021.