Children first! Yle and Särkänniemi are innovating a new concept to strengthen children's media literacy.

Pikku Kakkonen and Särkänniemi introduce “Media World”

Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle is developing an experiential environment for primary school children. The purpose of it is to strengthen children’s media literacy. This concept of Pikku Kakkonen’s “Mediamaailma” (Media World) is currently being refined together with organizations and researchers focused on media education, culture and child protection. Pikku Kakkonen is the best known brand of finnish television programs for children.

The plan is to license the concept first to Särkänniemi in Tampere. Pikku Kakkonen’s Media World will open in Särkänniemi amusemement park at the end of 2022. Särkänniemi is also responsible for operating the media world.

“Media education is at the heart of Yle’s public service mission. In Pikku Kakkonen’s Media World, we will be able to carry out this task in a new way together with our partners. The need for media skills for children and adults will be emphasized in the future, and we hope that the concept of the media world will be widely used throughout Finland. At the same time, we ensure that Pikku Kakkonen and its program remain dear to Finns in the future as well, ”says Panu Pokkinen, Director of Yle’s Sports and Events Unit.

The children get to do it themselves

In Pikku Kakkonen’s Media World, children are the creators of the media. They get to produce all kinds of media from audio to video and augmented reality (AR) to games.

In the design of the Media World, special attention is paid to accessibility. The aim is also to strengthen the possibility for children with special needs to participate in media and cultural production on an equal footing.

“In Pikku Kakkonen’s Media World, visitors meet the characters of Yle’s children’s programs through the ages. You can also become an audience there, as Pikku Kakkonen’s programs are filmed there. Media education is implemented through interactive technology so that learning is both functional and fun”, says Teija Rantala, Yle’s children’s content manager.

Pikku Kakkonen’s media world concept is designed by Media Education Center Metka, Kulttuurikeskus PiiPoo, National Audiovisual Institute KaVi, Media Education Association, Koulukino, Mannerheim Association for Child Welfare, Save the Children Association and media education lecturers and researchers from the University of Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä.

The concept is scheduled to be completed during 2021.