People shopping in international market of Hämeenpuisto. Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

Our address changed: TampereRegion2026 is now Tampere26

Tampere Region European Capital of Culture bid has changed it’s web address. The new address is

So we are giving up our old web address There are several good reasons for this change.

Simplicity. Tampere26 is shorter, easier and so also easier to remember.

Social media. In social media simplicity is also important. Now we are Tampere26 in every channel. Our Facebook page is Tampere26. In Twitter we are Tampere26. In Instagram we are also Tampere26. Hashtag #Tampere26 is also our official hashtag in all our social media channels.

Some of the future European Capitals of Culture are among others Kaunas2022, Tartto2024, Chemnitz2025. All those cities use the name of the city as the web address, even though in each project there is a big amount of surrounding municipalities participating with the cities.

It is recommended to use the name of the city also for official reasons. According to the rules of the competition, the leading city of the bid is the official applicant.

Universal. Tampere26 is the same in English and in Finnish.

What does this mean to the content of the bid? Nothing. The whole region, each and everyone of the 19 municipalities, are strongly contributing to this bid with Tampere.

“I have to say that the role of the region and Pirkanmaa in the TampereRegion2026 project is perhaps the most emphasized in the history of the European Capitals of Culture I am familiar with”, praises Pauli Sivonen, the director of Serlachius Museums and one of the artistic leaders of Tampere bid, in an interview. Reading experience of Sivonen is unique in Finland. He has been a member of the jury that selects the European Capitals of Culture.