This is the new Tampere team!

New team started: “The aim is to make an offer that Europe cannot refuse.”

The bid for Tampere and Pirkanmaa as the European Capital of Culture has now entered its second phase. On Friday, August 14, more than 40 municipal influencers from all over Pirkanmaa, led by Mayor Lauri Lyly, met at the autumn kick-off meeting.

The new leader of the project, Perttu Pesä, who moved from the position of the City of Tampere’s event director to the project, also presented himself at the meeting. At the same time, Pesä introduced the new team for the second stage.

Juha Hemánus, who was the creative director in the first application phase, will continue to lead the program work in the second phase. Other second-phase personnel was chosen from 165 applications.

Maria Peräinen is the new regional coordinator, Satu Keltanen and Ilona Kyykoski are producers and Päivi Harri and Kirsi Mustalahti are project coordinators.

In addition, Sipriina Ritaranta from Mänttä-Vilppula, the project’s main partner, will continue as a producer in the team.

Seppo Roth, a communications coordinator, will continue for August and September.

Pictures of the entire new team and some in-depth presentation can be found on the Contact page. Worth reading!

With this team, the Capital of Culture search will be completed: Kirsi Mustalahti (left), Maria Peräinen, Juha Hemanus, Sipriina Ritaranta, Ilona Kyykoski, Satu Keltanen and Päivi Harri. The project leader Perttu Pesä is missing from the picture.

Popularizing the project

Perttu Pesä already praised the new team in an interview with Aamulehti:

“We find the right direction for everyone so that no one has to be left alone. This is a team sport and as an old team player (football) I really like it. The real goal is to go and see how we find a common vision of Pirkanmaa of what we want to be, how we want to be seen and what we want to do. This will be an interesting winter”, Pesä said in Aamulehti.

He stressed that now a great project needs to be made understandable and popular to the general public.

“The first task is to mobilize common enthusiasm in Tampere and neighboring municipalities. We need to popularize what we are doing. ”

According to Perttu, his overall goal is clear:

“The aim is to make an offer that Europe cannot refuse.”

Pesä sees that one of the strengths of the bid for Pirkanmaa is that the whole province is involved.

“If I see something positive in a corona pandemic, then this might be the rebirth of the countryside. You may not have to urbanize anymore. Here in Tampere we have a lot to learn from our neighboring municipalities. In Europe, the situation is now similar. You can take that vision there too.”