Tampere Region is Onboard – Agreements Signed! 

Municiplaities from Tampere Region signed contracts with Tampere.

Municipal Partners Sign Agreements 

Sometimes, it’s nice to do things ‘the traditional way.’ This is what was done on December 11th in Tampere, as the municipal partners of Tampere and Tampere Region’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture met to sign their partnership agreements. The agreements define the terms and framework of the collaboration.

To mark this historical occasion, the agreements were bound in impressive red, traditional binders.

Seven municipal managers arrived to sign the agreement with Mayor Lauri Lyly: Kari Tolonen (Ikaalinen), Jukka Kuusisto (Orivesi), Jari Heiniluoma (Parkano), Jussi Teittinen (Pälkäne), Tuomas Hirvonen (Vesilahti), Marko Jarva (Pirkkala) and Jukka Varonen (Valkeakoski).

Some of the municipalities had signed the agreement before, including Mayor Markus Auvinen from Mänttä-Vilppula. Some will do the signing at a later date.

Mayor of Mänttä-Vilppula, Markus Auvinen, signed the partnership agreement on a separate occasion. 

During the quick meeting, the partners had time to consider Tampere and Tampere Region’s strengths. The consensus was that the region’s unity and strong ambition would be our assets.

The Region Coordinator, Aino Holma, estimated internationalization to be a factor in improving our chances. The ECoC bid’s Project Manager, Eija Oravuo, also promised that our bid would be an excellent one.

A hopeful request was passed on to the municipalities to attract more sportspeople to join the bid. In our idea of a Capital of Culture, sports are also culture.

The municipal managers pose for a photo after signing the agreements: From left, Kari Tolonen, Juha Kuusisto, Lauri Lyly, Jari Heiniluoma, Jussi Teittinen, Tuomas Hirvonen, Marko Jarva and Jukka Varonen.