Trenčín Castle (Trenčiansky hrad). Photo by Trenčín 2026 / Karell

Is Trenčin the other European Capital of Culture 2026?

One Finnish city will be chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2026. But let’s not forget that the other European Capital of Culture comes from Slovakia!

As in Finland, there are three cities in Slovakia competing for the title in the final round: Nitra, Trenčín and Žilina. Today we will take a look what is happening in Trenčín and their ECoC bid.

What kind of city Trenčín really is?

Ms Barbora Janáková, Marketing Manager of Trenčín 2026, what is the essence of your city?

“Forest in the middle of our city brings breeze and smiles on peoples face every time, when it starts to be too hot to focus. And with only few steps you are already in front of the old medieval castle, which brings feeling of traditions, tales and history.”

“Look down and you see our river Váh, circling around the whole city and protecting everybody, who lives in Trenčín”, Barbora Janáková says.

The river Váh circles the city of Trenčín. Photo by Patrik Zak

But why should people of Tampere travel to your city?

“First – Community! We welcome tourists, enjoy talking with them on terrace with cup of coffee and showing what we have in Trenčín.”

“Then of course our medieval history, castle, old churches, nature which surround us and bike-paths which allows you to travel ecologically. And finally – our music festival Pohoda, which is one of the biggest and well known European music festivals.”

Photo by Iv Santa

This is of course the main question: why Trenčín? Why should it be chosen as the European Capital of Culture?

“We really care about our city, people, which lives in it and opportunity, which can ECoC give to us. We are going into this competition with heart and big plans”, Janáková says.

Trenčín is a city in western Slovakia of the central Váh River valley near the Czech border, about 120 kilometers from Bratislava. It has a population of more than 55,000, so it is about the size of Mikkeli or Rovaniemi. It makes Trenčín the eighth largest municipality of the country. It has a medieval castle, Trenčín Castle, on a rock above the city.

Photo by Trenčín 2026 / Karell

As Slovakia is also a hockey country, we will never forget that Marian Hossa and Zdeno Chára were born in Trenčín.

The ECoC from Slovakia will be chosen at the end of 2021.

And, by the way, Trenčín is mentioned several times in Tampere’s bid book for ECoC, as a partner in several projects.

Read more about Trenčín’s ECoC bid on their website!

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