Kids having fun at Finlayson. Photo by Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: TUPeGE – Tampere Urban Performing Game Event

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We will present some of our cultural projects in the coming days.

Today we will present an urban adventure called “TUPeGE – Tampere Urban Performing Game Event”.

TUPeGE is a three-year project which involves the whole community of Tampere and culminates into six performing treasure hunts for children and adults in different neighborhoods around Tampere. The hunts are based on different stories related to the city of Tampere, from the past and the present.

Increasing accessibility as main goal

As the urban settings of contemporary cities are usually planned for adults, and increasingly exclude children in terms of safety, with TUPeGE the city will have a different approach, and will be child friendly. The entire project will be made accessible to all, taking in consideration of any possible special needs.

Ilaria Tucci, the developer of TUPeGE, says that equality is a key topic in the project.

“There will be an intersectional preparatory work involving citizens from different age groups (children, young, adults, and elderly people) with different abilities, genders, and cultural backgrounds. The stories we are exploring during the preparatory workshops shall reveal the diversity in Tampere’s history, as – for example – an industrial city of intercultural encounters, women’s emancipation, and solidarity.“

Tucci thinks that the project is a way to show that it is possible to make cities more accessible.

“Children should be able to play and run safely in urban areas. Cities are becoming more and more inaccessible for children. With TUPeGE we want to change this trend. The final event will be accessible and open to everyone, in the streets and squares of the city. Not only will the children playing the game benefit, but also those walking around will have the chance to observe the performances happening in the Urban Performing Game.”

Being Equally European

Tucci tells that the European element of the project comes through the stories that will be explored during the workshops and performances during the TUPeGE. Tampere has an interesting history in terms of European encounters and that aspect is highlighted in the project. Also, the project’s partners are from different European and non-European countries.

“From my personal and professional perspective, European equality is an important theme. I am a professional theatre practitioner, with a lot of experience in theatre and in creating cultural events (in Italy!). Even though I am a professional and have been living in Finland for 8 years, it has not been easy for me to get into the Finnish culture scene. With TUPeGE I want to give all the foreigners living and visiting Tampere the feeling of being ‘at home’. I want everybody to feel engaged in a collective, inclusive, intercultural, and international happening. Equally European is not here yet, we need to create it together.”


Leader of the project is Ilaria Tucci (FI/IT) and the team members are Anna Sofia Suoranta and Miriam Kaiser. Local partners are Anna Haukka (FI), Alexandra Salmela (FI/SVK) and Tampere Intercultural Art collective. International partners are If Human (BE), Locomoctavia (DEU/IT), Muvet (IT), Spazio-T (IT), Bizarra Produksjoner (NO), Valoonkalo (UK), G!RL BE HEARD (US), Silver Sepp (EE), Manca Ursic (SLO), Les Dudes (CAN/CHE) and Fabio Florencio (BR/UK).