Special eSport competition at Wärjäämö.

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Special eSports World Championships

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We will present some of our cultural projects in the coming days.

Today we are presenting “Special eSports World Championships”.

One of the success stories in equality is Special eSports. Fans and followers will converge in 2026 with a Special eSports Five Years Anniversary with World Championships. Gamers with special needs from all around the world compete for medals in games and gaming models intended for people with different disabilities. Generally non-violent games are played with diverse accessible game controllers and virtual reality devices.

What is Special eSports?

Special eSports (SES) is an equal opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to participate in eSports at recreational and competitive level. SES uses current accessible games and controllers and supports development of new suitable devices, software and methods.

Special eSports network was established in the beginning of 2019 in the City of Tampere Art Workshop Wärjäämö together with Accessible Arts and Culture ACCAC, Harjula Production and XR-gaming technology company eXerium.

Ever since it was established, Special eSports has had a lot of positive attention in the global arena. First World Championships were going to be organized on september 2020, but had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. In 2021, the event will be held August 23-29 by the name “Special eSports Tampere Open” and it will be organized virtually. 31 different countries are expected to be represented in the event.

Special eSports Finnish Championships 2019.

The many faces of SES World Championships

Special eSports World Championships 2026 will gather hundreds of athletes from all over the world to Tampere, not only to compete in World Championships, but also to socialize with gamers from other countries, participate in workshops and events, explore the Tampere Region and Finnish culture.

The event lasts for one week and it includes demonstration and training facilities, preliminary competitions, workshops, conference for professionals, social events, gala & awards and finals.

As Tampere is the candidate of the European Capital of Culture 2026 and possibly even the Capital of Culture, the year 2026 is the best possible opportunity to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the SES World Championships with the theme “Equally European” at the birthplace of Special eSports, in Tampere.


Partners in the SAS World Championships project are Inclusion Finland (KVTL), Finnish Paralympic Committee / Special Olympics Finland, Vocational College Luovi, Vocational College Spesia and Accessible Arts and Culture ACCAC and eXerium.