Manserama. Photo by Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Skate-friendly Cities

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We have already presented you several projects, but we still have time for presentations.

The project we present to you today is “Skate-friendly Cities”.

Skate-Friendly Cities makes Tampere a pioneering city for skateboarding. We use skateboarding as a tool for sustainable development and participatory activities for city dwellers, and we create skate art works and skate-themed city events for Tampere and the municipalities in the region.

Involving young people as the main goal of the project

Skateboarding is not just kids being a nuisance. It’s an opportunity to ponder what the public realm is all about.

While skateboarding is a globally growing sport and a significant part of youth and street culture, in Tampere it is also altering our public space. A skateboarding ecosystem will be developed in Tampere, growing Tampere into an internationally interesting model city for skate urbanism. Besides top-notch skateboarding, the project promotes close cooperation between skaters, the city of Tampere, and cultural institutions, helping the latter to invest in skateboarding and advance youth participation – in line with equality.

Visit_Tampere_Manserama - skateboarding in Hiedanranta - Laura Vanzo-19
Manserama. Photo by Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

The project includes the following branches of artistic work and public education:

CREATE AND SKATE! – SKATEABLE INSTALLATIONS: in Tampere and Pirkanmaa made by cutting-edge artists Anssi Kasitonni, Teemu Mäenpää, Jan Anderzén, Tommi Musturi, Arsi Keva and Ella Salminen together with skaters with architectural or artistic backgrounds across Europe. The artworks will find new audiences – and offer something to skate upon!

THE YOUTH GUARANTEE: a Finnish government initiative means that every young person should have something to do within three months of starting to look for work. With constant need for construction and maintenance of skateboarding sites, we do our part with employment services to implement this.

RENNO SKATE FILM NIGHT – MOVIE FESTIVAL: one place the skaters have taken over with a bang is around the Culture House Laikku – right at the Central Square of Tampere. On this spot titled “Renno”, the skaters set up their own skate film festival, growing towards 2026 into an international open-air film event for skate films and documentaries.

KAARIKOIRAT X UULU TOUR ACROSS PIRKANMAA: pack band gear, musicians, skaters, and DJ’s into a bus – or maybe a boat? – and go on tour around Pirkanmaa, organising skateboarding demos, ad hoc learning sessions and music events for people in the region.

LAUNCHING OF SKATEBOARDING PROGRAMME IN 2021: at Sampo Centre High School, one of the few skateboarding education programmes in the world starts in 2021. And we don’t leave it there, but the programme will cooperate with Tampere University to educate students in sustainable development and urban research on site-specific interventions and citizen participation.


Leader of the project is Pirkanmaa Ramp Dogs. Partners are City of Tampere / General upper secondary education, Pirkanmaa Employment office, Tampere University, Tampere Film Festival, Finlayson Art Area, Pirkanmaa Movie Centre, G Livelab, Federation of Tampere Ev. Luth. Parishes, City of Tampere, Pro Orivesi, Culture cooperative Uulu, Nokia Factory 108, Kuopio Skateboarders association, Visit Tampere, Walklandia Association, HELride Collective Helsinki, Gatuplan (SE), Monsters on Wheels (BE), Novi Sad 2022 (RS), Mons 2015 (BE), Košice 2013 (SK), Trenčín 2026 (SK), Nitra 2026 (SK), Skate Nottingham (UK), Boardsport-Union Pusher (AT), City of Malmö (SE), White Arkitekter (SE), Mareld Landskapsarkitekter (SE), Stockholm Skate Collective (SE), David Gough (SE), Gustav Eden (SE), Fredrik Angner (SE), Leo Valls (FR), Erik-Hugo Pajos (SE/EST), Chris Lawton (UK) and Embassy of Lithuania in Finland.