Photo by the Finnish Science Centre Heureka

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Rights at Stake

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We will present some of our cultural projects in the coming days.

Today we are presenting an interactive exhibition called “Rights at Stake”.

Human rights and freedom of expression are heralds of equality. We address these themes in our Cultural Programme together with NGOs and international institutions.

One project on the topic is the human rights-themed exhibition Rights at Stake organized by the Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. It is an interactive exhibition in which the contents of human rights are translated to tangible experiences. The exhibition technology immerses its visitors in diverse human realities portraying situations where human rights are at stake. The topic of human rights is dead serious, yet the exhibition is suitable for all audiences.

Towards the common good

Heureka wants to participate in the Tampere26’s main theme “Equally European” at the heart of its own expertise: to make human rights understandable through an interactive exhibition. The exhibition is about the skill of being a human and encourages people to take care of the realization of human rights. Man has a researched desire and ability to realize the common good.

“One of the special features of the Constitution of Finland is the right to clean nature – and the responsibility for clean nature. During a pandemic, our right to health goes hand in hand with the well-being of our environment: the health of both production and wild animals is ultimately the same and common health of us and our environment”, comments Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka’s CEO.

Science as a promoter of equality

Equality and non-discrimination is one of the fundamental human rights. The interactive exhibition helps the audience to perceive the obstacles and opportunities for the realization of equality. Science has studied the realization of equality through many interesting experimental arrangements that can be utilized in the exhibition experience.

Photo by The Finnish Science Centre Heureka

Mikko Myllykoski experiences that science and equality go hand in hand.

“Equality is an essential factor in my own work as we strive to increase our understanding of science: to increase the science capital of Finns. We often wonder how the researched information could address more people and enrich their lives by helping with big and small decisions and choices.”

Partners involved

Heureka produces the exhibition with experts. The project is supported by the Human Rights Centre and the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, and the internationally important partner that will be approached next is the Council of Europe. In addition to law, scientific expertise is sought i.a. in the field of anthropology and psychology. Theater man Juha Hurme is looking forward to joining the project.