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Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Edible City – Wild&Cuisine

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We will present some of our cultural projects in the coming days.

Today we will present the project called “Wild&Cuisine”.

In the Cultural Programme of Tampere’s application you can find a project called Edible City. In this project we encourage residents and visitors to grow and garden food in marginal spaces and urban parks as well as to pick wild food in the midst of the city – offering new ways to explore the diversity of regional and seasonal edible resources. One of the sub-projects of Edible City is “Wild&Cuisine” which we will now tell you more.

Wild vegetables as a health food for all people

The aim of the Wild&Cuisine project is to revive the old Finnish and European cultural heritage and to make people love free edible wild plants in their vicinity. It teaches the use of these ubiquitous edible wild plants while increasing people’s well-being, survival skills and respect for their immediate nature.

So what exactly is Wild&Cuisine all about? We asked Karoliina Laitinen, the creator and leader of the project, who is already a familiar person to many behind the experience and program services Villipihlaja:

“We search and mark the best “salad bars” for the townspeople on a digital crop map along with edible trees and shrubs. We guide you through the use of wild plants through numerous free lectures and information sessions: in libraries, wellness centers, schools and community colleges – we share information, educate and play games. ”

Photo by Villipihlaja

The project is not just about teaching and mentoring, as festivals and other public events are also planned.

“We organize cultural and food festivals with numerous workshops, environmental arts and programs. We are bringing a low-threshold wild food cooking competition (Local Wild Food Challenge) to Tampere, open to everyone, together with our international partner. ”

And best of all, Wild&Cuisine is directed to all of us.

“We combine food spoilage, wild vegetables and vegan food for dinners under the open sky. We surprise people with pop up tastings. We take international tourists on wild food walks – to local salad, berry and mushroom places – just a few miles from the main train station! With the project we reach locals from children to the elderly, tourists as well as immigrants. Food unites everyone! ”

Wild food belongs to everyone

Nearby weeds, or wild vegetables, are free, ecological and healthy food easily available to all types of people, which we have the opportunity to utilise within the framework of everyone’s rights. The aim of the project is to guide as many “groups of people” as possible to the best wild food collection places in their own residential area and to teach them to see food everywhere in nature.

Photo by Villipihlaja_wild_food_project_wild_and_cuisine_nature_tree
Photo by Villipihlaja

Partners involved in Wild&Cuisine

Ahlman Institute, Dodo – Urban Environmental Organisation, Visit tampere, EcoFellows Ltd.,Tampere City Library, City of Tampere / Well-being services and ‘Me-talo’ house, Tampere Adult Education Center, SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium / Osara Agricultural College, Wild Zone association, Etappi association, Girls’ House Tampere, Visit Pirkanmaa, Frantsila Herbfarm, Bill Manson (Local wild food challenge) NZ