K-Wheel Dance Project. Photo by ACCAC

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: ACCAC Equality Fest

Tampere26 application’s cultural programme is based on a broad notion of culture, and the programme itself lists 115 different projects. We have already presented you several projects, but a few more will be presented before the zero hour 2.6.

Today’s project is called “ACCAC Equality Fest”.

ACCAC (Accessible Arts and Culture) Equality Fest is an international event to be held in summer 2026 in Tampere. The event is a real fireworks display of art and culture, and at the same time it promotes equality and diversity through art and culture.

Top performances from around the world

ACCAC Equality Fest will bring together new and old friends and acquaintances from more than 50 different countries in the Tampere Region European Capital of Culture year 2026. Art and culture professionals, innovators, policy makers, experts and technology experts, among others, will be involved.

The venue is, of course, Tampere, which is also the birthplace of the international ACCAC network. The international top programme of the event includes performances and programme numbers from around the world, starting with music, dance, visual arts and theater, as well as innovative and interactive professional seminars.

The programme features artists such as producer, innovator and performer Tim Palm aka DJ Arthro with his “Space Ship” (an impressive array of equipment consisting of not only synths, tablets, FX modules and drum machines, but also stage lighting and visuals rig); sound-artist, musician and instrument builder Tim Yates; Sophie Bulbulyan, French-Greek choreographer who works with disabled dancers; and Kim Yongwoo K-Wheel Dance Project, led by 8-time Asian master in wheelchair dance.

ACCAC_Accessible Arts and Culture association_Kim Yongwoo_Lee Somin
Kim Yongwoo & Lee Somin. Photo: ACCAC

Equality Lab, especially designed for Tampere26 joins IT specialists, innovators and artists for creating sustainable cultural accessibility solutions. As a result of the festival, Tampere Equality Manifesto will also be published, combining research, evaluation, artistic interventions and further recommendations for all European stakeholders.

Improving accessibility as a key subject

The event is organized by ACCAC Finland (Accessible Arts and Culture association), which works in close cooperation with the City of Tampere and the Tampere26 project.
The Accessible Arts and Culture association was founded in Tampere in 2011, and since then the activities have expanded into the international ACCAC network. In 2021, there will already be operations in 13 countries around the world.

“ACCAC operates in both the national and international sectors. We aim to open up new opportunities in the fields of education and art exports, to develop well-being, to provide quality services and to ensure that all people have equal opportunities to participate in culture and events”, comments Kirsi Mustalahti, Chairman of ACCAC Finland, Founder of ACCAC Global and Project Coordinator of Tampere26 application.

ACCAC_Accessible Arts and Culture association_DJ_Arthro_playing
DJ Arthro. Photo: ACCAC

A favorite topic of Mustalahti is definitely improving accessibility.

“Our operations are driven by the awareness that services i.a. in culture, art and the field of events are not equal for all. We strive to open up new opportunities for children’s culture, professionals in the applied arts and people with disabilities of all ages. ”


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