Aram tertzakian visited Troll VFX company when in Tampere. He is doing co-operation with the company.

Hollywood producer starts Master classes for finnish movie professionals next month

Movie Dual was the first Hollywood movie that was entirely filmed in Tampere and Finland. Now Dual producer Aram Tertzakian says they will be shooting another movie in Tampere already this year.

But he also tells his company is starting a remarkable new project: Master classes for finnish movie makers.

“They are done with Hollywood screenwriters, actors, film financers and so on. That’s how we can connect with local film students and young professionals in the film business so that they can better understand and push onward their projects”, Tertzakian said on 11th of Februry when visiting Tampere.

Their company’s short term goal is to bring more films to Tampere and in the long term to make Tampere “a film hub, an audiovisual hub”, as Tertzakian puts it. 

They move fast. The Master classes will begin as soon as next month. 

Experts’ advice

“We host them initially by Zoom and then hopefully over time in person in Tampere and other finnish cities, The idea is to basically to have a series of topics as how screen plays are developed, how to work with streamers like Netflix and Amazon and things like that.”

“XYZ will be hosting and organizing them and we will have experts from Hollywood talking about and aswering questions from students, young professionals and people in the business. That is how we can bridge the gap between some of the knowledge and the international knowhow that would be beneficial for people in Finland”, Tertzakian says.

But why XYZ is doing it? It is not a business for them. Tertzakian says it will be.

“We’re all profiting of it. We came here with XYZ to make Dual. It was such a good experience that we realized we want to make movies here and we also want Hollywood makes more movies here because this a great shooting destination.”

“But in the meantime we have this gap that must be bridged. There needs to be more international knowhow. If we put a little investment increasing it then overtime everybody will benefit.”

“We’re here to support you”

The reason why XYZ came to make movies in Tampere was COVID. They searched for a safe place to make movies and found out Tampere was an ideal place: In Tampere it is easy to get around, easy to use locations and here is a lot of knowledege. 

But even more important was the attitude, that Tertzakian describes as the “general willingness to help us and make things happen”. He says that Business Tampere, Visit Tampere and Film Tampere gave them everything they needed by “opening the doors and saying come to work here”. 

“In Tampere they rolled up their sleeves as a city and said we’re here to support you.”

Aram Tertzakian
Aram Tertzakian