Hello Tampere Region – come and join us!

Photo: Laura Vanzo

Hello Tampere Region! Join us and do something good

How to participate?

1. Do something good, participate positively in your community and let us know about it. Or let us know about something good that your friend has done!

Express your support for the Tampere and Pirkanmaa region bid by telling in social media what you or your community is doing to increase the well-being of people or the environment. We are the community, and thus we can all be part of the Capital of Culture bid in our own daily lives.

Tag us in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with @tampereregion2026. Please also use hashtag #haloopirkanmaa2026.

You can also challenge someone you know, a community or a company from Pirkanmaa, to do good.

We will be re-sharing the good deeds in social media!

2. Come and support us anyway and tell about it in your social media channels using hashtag #haloopirkanmaa2026. Tag us also: @tampereregion2026, please!

Culture is the connection between people

We have reached the finals, so now it is really time to make some noise about the joint European Capital of Culture bid for Tampere and Pirkanmaa region!

Reasons for joining the campaign

More well-being for all

Next spring, a European jury will select a Finnish city as the European Capital of Culture 2026. Tampere Region – Pirkanmaa in Finnish – is standing united in the competition as the project will increase the vitality of the region and the well-being of all its inhabitants.

Equality is our guiding star

Our ultimate goal is equality. We want to make Pirkanmaa the safest and most prosperous region in the world.

We are aiming high for these goals throughout the European Capital of Culture bid. Safety and well-being is rooted in the community, and thus we are able to increase equality by taking care of each other’s – and the community.

Europe is watching us

The whole notion of culture for us starts with sharing experiences. Our main theme Quality by Equality is striving us for the search of sustainable and accessible culture for all. That means increased quality of life, as well as quality of participation in art and culture, quality of public services and the environment in the Tampere Region.

In this we want to be a European pioneer. We want to spread this notion of culture and make the best practices and ideas visible so they can grow and spread eventually across Europe.

We are Pirkanmaa!

Come and express your support for the bid, because we – all inhabitants of the Tampere Region – are Pirkanmaa!

It is all about our daily lives. Our actions and our humanity. Our values ​​and attitudes. Our feelings and, above all, the connection between each other.


There are only winners in this match, so show your encouragement to the joint Tampere and Pirkanmaa Capital of Culture bid!