Start preparing now for the new EU programming period!

Start preparing already for the new EU programming period, says Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin.

Expert: This is the state of EU funding for culture right now. Something new also coming!

The EU programming period 2014-2020 is almost over. But the new EU programming period for 2021–2027 and the Creative Europe programme, which is part of it, are still obscure.

What is it all about, Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin, Programme Manager of Creative Europe Desk Finland?

“The point is that we are now between two programming periods. No new applications will be funded under this current program. Partly due to the coronavirus the new program negotiations are also a bit stuck”, says Hietaluoma-Hanin.

According to him, the new EU budget proposal at the end of May was a step forward. EUR 1.5 billion has been proposed for the new Creative Europe programme. It’s a little more than last season, but “maybe a little less than what the field had expected”, Hietaluoma-Hanin says.

In other words, when the program decision comes, Finland will also be able to start preparing for the application rounds.

“Our assessment is that if the German presidency of the EU (the end of 2020) means a step forward with the program negotiations, the first applications rounds could start in the winter, probably early next year,” says Hietaluoma-Hanin.

In the new programming period, the Creative Europe program will have very similar forms of support as the current programming period. European cooperation projects will continue to be at the heart of the program.

Sector-specific subsidies for, among other things, music and the cultural heritage will also be included. The program proposal also mentions design and even cultural tourism. There is also something completely new:

“A brand new feature is grants for mobility. An individual artist can apply for support for a period of work, such as a study visit or a period of residence, for a period abroad, which could cover travel and costs. There has never been such a financial instrument before”, says Hietaluoma-Hanin.

Start preparing now!

If you intend to apply for support from the Creative Europe program, Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin has one piece of advice: “Preparatory work should be done now.”

We interviewed Hietaluoma-Hanin last fall. He says the basic instructions he gave then are also valid now. Read them in this story.

In addition, you should search for more information on the National Board of Education’s Creative Europe page

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