Jarkko Järvenpää. (Photo: Marika Luukkanen)

European Capital of Culture from the business point of view: “You just cannot stay uninspired”

Last summer, Jarkko Järvenpää, Chief Sales Officer of Vincit got acquainted with Tampere’s bid for the European Capital of Culture. He woke up to realize that the Capital of Culture year could be a great platform.

“You just can’t stay uninspired,” Järvenpää summed up his thoughts on Tampere’s Capital of Culture year.

“The Capital of Culture year is the platform of storytelling, which inspires me. It will be very visible for a long time, it will be visible locally, in Finland and in Europe.”

Järvenpää spoke at the annual Business and Culture seminar at Tampere Hall. He had been asked the answer to the basic question: How can a B2B company take advantage of the Capital of Culture year?

“The answer is obvious. It can leverage it in marketing and brand building. Simple as that, ”Järvenpää summed up.

Järvenpää opened the whole chain from inspiration to successful marketing: Inspiration is followed by emotion. Emotion allows you to share information. From the information comes the belief that something good is being done here. And that follows a conversation that leads to a closer acquaintance.

“In 2026, we will have the most inspiring discussions in the open saunas of the Tampere region. And in 2026, we will turn the brain drain to the Tampere region. At the latest 2026.” Järvenpää said.

According to him, the companies that are most actively involved here benefit the most from it. He made the essential questions for companies to consider:

“What kind of platfrom Capital of Culture year could it be for your storytelling? How could you make Tampere a better place to live and try? ”

Cay Sevón, who led Turku’s Capital of Culture 2011, shared some undeniable figures on the benefits of business cooperation.

In Turku there were then 19 main partners from Finnair to Tallink Silja, from Hartwall to Niemi’s relocation services. It was essential that many of the big business cooperation ideas of the Turku Capital of Culture year came from companies. For example, Silja Line came up with the idea of ​​offering a cultural ship, Niemi gave an employee for a year.

After one year, it was estimated that the monetary value of full-year media visibility was EUR 57.3 million. The year brought 260 million to the regional economy.

For examle Akira Ropo from tampere Chamber of Commerce was very impressed about these figures: “The Capital of Culture year has been said to be a festival for culture. But it seems it is a festival for business.”