Chemnitz celebrating the title.

European Capital of Culture 2025 is a twin city of Tampere

The European Capital of Culture 2025 is Chemnitz. The people of Tampere are more familiar with the city than many other Finns, as Chemnitz is a twin city of Tampere. Tampere is applying for a title for next year.

Chemnitz was selected on 28th October 2020 from a total of eight applicants. Already a year ago, three of them had been dropped from the list and with Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Hannover, Nuremberg and Hildesheim competed for the title in the finals.

The choice proves once again that the title is not necessarily given to the greatest and most beautiful. Chemnitz is a city about the size of Tampere, very little known on a European scale. It was better known perhaps by its old name Karl-Marx-Stadt. Dresden, for example, more than half a million people were eliminated already in the pre-selection.

Chemnitz’s theme for the race was “C the Unsee”. This is what they tell about this theme:

With the motto “C the unseen”, Chemnitz2025 turns the spotlight to the unseen: To the surprising, the new – as it was never before visible. To the unseen of the “silent middle”, as well as to the marginalised. The unseen city, the unseen European neighbours, the unseen places and biographies, the unseen talent in every individual.

The program also draws in every other unseen European city or region that makes a bold statement for democratic coexistence – and it especially aims to show the people who join in with the creative process to help us live in a cosmopolitan and diverse community unimpeded by national boundaries.

You can read more about the program of Chemnitz here. Chemnitz put a lot of energy into making a distinctive and great application book. Below is a video of how to do it.