Even 12-year-olds to Have a Say in Tampere Budget 

Children and youngsters are the first ones to participate when Tampere gets the new campaign for Equality started.

Equality Promoted in Tampere: Soon, 12-year-olds Get to Vote on Budget! 

Tampere. Equally Yours. This is the new theme inspiring Tampere to promote equality by, for example, including children in the decision-making process. 

Here’s how it will happen: The City of Tampere will set aside a part of the 2020 budget for promoting the welfare of children and youths. The residents will submit ideas inspired by the theme, refine them in workshops and finally vote on which ideas will be implemented.

“Anyone who has turned 12 will have a chance to vote. The younger children’s opinions will also be heard in the voting stage,” says Eveliina Kiema-Majanen, the Equality Coordinator of the City of Tampere.

This is merely one example of the actions planned by the city under the Tampere. Equally Yours theme.

The first steps in the action plan are to promote equality for children and youths as well as in event services. Equality has also been chosen to be the leading theme in Tampere and Tampere Region’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture 2026.

Obligated by History

During the city’s history, Tampere has served as the setting for many socially significant events related to equality.

The City of Tampere wants to emphasize the meaning of equality, putting in motion an action plan to make Tampere even a better place to live and work in.

Tampere. Equally Yours will already be put to motion on December 2nd in the Award Ceremony for the Finnish Government’s International Gender Equality Prize at Tampere Hall.

Equality will also be on show the next day, December 3rd, as Tampere and Tampere Region’s ECoC bid project organizes an international seminar on equality open to all in Tampere Hall, titled Hän – Equality, culture and women.

Tampere is bidding for the title of European Capital of Culture 2026. Equality has been selected to be the leading theme of the bidding project.

The Regional Challenge 

“By the year 2026, Tampere wants to become the Capital of Equality. At its core are local residents, communities, businesses and the city’s own organization. Together, we will actively promote equality,” states the Mayor of Tampere, Lauri Lyly.

“The significance of equality has also been recognized internationally. Its focus is on the welfare of all operators within society,” Mayor Lyly adds.

He also promises to get the rest of Tampere Region involved:

“We have challenged all the municipalities in Tampere Region to implement actions to promote equality. This is about enhancing the everyday lives of our residents and pushing the municipalities towards success.”

First Steps

The first steps in the action plan are to promote equality for children and youths as well as in event services.

During 2020, the city’s investment towards children and youths will be seen in participatory budgeting, the Taidekaari Cultural Education Programme and promoting leisure activity opportunities for children.

In participatory budgeting, children as young as 12 will get to vote on good ideas. Another equality-promoting action is to reduce differences in wellbeing among children and youths with the Tampere Junior development programme.

The equality of children and youths will also be promoted by the Taidekaari Cultural Education Programme. The fourth action to be presented is a ‘Strength Award’ aimed at 6th grade pupils, handed out to all the pupils with their report cards at the end of the school year.

In 2020, Tampere will be hosting mass events promoting equality. The Homeless World Cup will be played in Tampere at the turn of June and July.

September 2020 will see the Accessible Arts and Culture 2.0 event, promoting equality and accessibility through arts and culture, held in Tampere.

The city is also involved in the Everyone’s Festival project which aims to promote the equality and accessibility of events.

For further details on the first equality actions, see https://www.tampere.fi/en/equally-yours.html