Tampere and Tampere Region want to include everyone!

Social media influencer Emmi Nuorgam led 25 local culture professionals and activists into brainstorming for the ECoC bid

Emmi’s Preparty Bit into Equality

Tampere and Tampere Region want to include everyone!

This was the core idea at Emmi’s Preparty, an event organized at G Livelab Tampere on September 18th. Headed by social media influencer Emmi Nuorgam, this evening gathering was attended by 25 culture professionals and activists of various backgrounds based in the Tampere Region. Many minority groups were also represented.

The participants were free to throw around ideas about the five main themes; on how to promote equality, edge, village hopping, play and sauna culture in Tampere Region. The overarching theme of our ECoC bid is equality, which spawned so many ideas that even the organizers were pleasantly surprised.

Ideas concerning accessibility and equality as well as inclusion of minority groups and all of Tampere Region’s municipalities were the most popular talking points. Emmi Nuorgam led the brainstorming on such topics as increasing accessibility in public saunas, live-streaming events to all municipalities and a culture bus to drive audiences around Tampere Region.

At the core of the bid for European Capital of Culture lies indeed that everyone should be able to participate. One of the loveliest ideas of the evening was funding access to culture for the more disadvantaged.

– Like with the idea of a ‘suspended coffee’, we might donate towards a ticket for a culture event, one team member summarized.

After two hours of vigorous brainstorming, the G Livelab event ended with clearly enthusiastic people bustling with creativity, many of them asking for more idea workshop meetings. This is a good place to continue.