Aurora helps you to find funding

Check this service: All Finnish grants in one web page

Would you like to apply for a grant, but don’t know where? Or have you ever found a potential funder right after the grant application deadline has expired?

The Aurora database can help you. In the Aurora database you can search for Finnish funding opportunities for science and art, both project funding and personal grants. The database lists well over 600 different grant applications. Aurora data has been collected directly from donors.

Perhaps the most convenient feature in Aurora is the ability to subscribe to reminders: Registered users can save funders and funding searches to their favorites. You can also subscribe to email reminders for outgoing searches as well as new funding searches from your favorite funders.

This great Aurora service is maintained by the University of Turku.

But what when you have found a potential funder for your project? All you need is the skill to write a valid application. 

Finnish composer Pasi Lyytikäinen gives a bunch of good advice for this task. Pasin pieni apurahaopas, written by Lyytikäinen (sorry, only in finnish), is an excellent guide for grant applicants.

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And read a story from autumn 2019, where Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin tells about EU-funding.