"Exploring Tampere is a blog and vlog about my experiences in Tampere"

Dillon Brown is a student from the University of Texas, contributing to our bid project.

Best thing in Tampere for an american? “I am absolutely obsessed with sauna”

Let us introduce the newest ambassadeur of Tampere: Dillon Brown. This student from the University of Texas is now an intern in Tampere Region 2026 bid. He is a student of communications, and he is training in writing, videos and social media. 

“The most interesting thing right now is my Exploring Tampere series where I make vlogs and blogs about my experiences in Tampere, always supporting the project!”

EDIT: We are very sorry to announce that this blog series had to be cancelled. Due to the coronavirus pandemic also Dillon Brown had to return back to the United States. We wish him all the best!

Why did you want to come to Tampere in the first place?

“It’s the happiest place on Earth. Seriously, everything I heard about Finland made me want to go there. I have never been to Europe before, and I thought Finland was the perfect way to familiarize myself with Europe; it is very clearly connected to and a big part of Europe, and it has its own, very unique culture and atmosphere.”

What is the purpose of your blogs and vlogs?

“Besides being really fun to make, and hopefully fun to watch, I want to share all the wonderful things I learn and experience in Finland with people who may not be familiar.”

“I also know that a lot of travel videos and content can seem very fake and not genuine. I want to share my actual experiences and thoughts about the life and culture in Tampere.”

What is your opinion of the Tampere Region 2026 project?

“I know I may seem a bit biased, but I’m an unpaid intern so I have no incentive to be dishonest (although my opinion can be bought for a very low price; I like comfy sweaters).”

“I really think it is a great project. I was not familiar with European Capitals of Culture, but now that I am, I am really passionate about Tampere being one in 2026.”

“I have only been here for just a few months, and I already tell everyone who will listen about the project and why we should (and will) be an ECoC in 2026. Another bonus of telling people about the project is that I get to brag about what a cool internship I have. Suffice to say, I am all in on #TampereRegion2026.”

What do you wish to learn during spring semester at Tampere University?

“A big reason I came to Tampere that I did not mention earlier is the education here. The programs at Tampere University align perfectly with my studies back in America. I study communication, and a benefit of studying here is that I get to learn about communication in an entirely new culture. I also got to learn about human and technology interaction, which is not something I can learn just anywhere.”

What is your opinion of Tampere as a city?

“Hopefully it is clear that I love Tampere (oh, I should start selling I Love Tampere T-shirts because those comfy sweaters don’t pay for themselves). It is such a unique place. It is an industrial, hard-working city that also has beautiful forests, rivers, and lakes.” 

“I am absolutely obsessed with sauna. Check out my Exploring Tampere series to read/watch my first time at a sauna! The people are a bit quiet, as they say, but once you get to know them, Finns are very outgoing and talkative. I have been pleasantly surprised by the food here. They have great options for many diets which is great for me.”

Dillon Brown publishes new vlogs and blogs this spring on our pages.