The new artistic board is: Pauli Sivonen (left), Marika Vapaavuori and Perttu Pesä.

Artistic Board leads now the bidding process

The Tampere Region European Capital of Culture has now appointed a three-member artistic board to lead the bidding process.

The group is leading the Capital of Culture year’s artistic program, the content of which has been created by professionals through an open program search.

The artistic board consists of Perttu Pesä, director of the entire bidding project, Marika Vapaavuori, theater director, and Pauli Sivonen, director of Serlachius Museums.

Perttu Pesä has been the event director for Tampere for several years. In 2009-2011, he served as the Deputy Mayor of Tampere.

Marika Vapaavuori is a theater director and screenwriter from Tampere. In addition to his theatrical works, Vapaavuori has planned, written and directed numerous major events and TV concerts that included music, e.g. The opening of the European Youth Olympic Festival and the opening gala of the Moomin Museum.

Pauli Sivonen, PhD, is the director of Mänttä’s Serlachius Museums. He has studied history, art history, and cultural anthropology and has published several books. From 2015 to 2018, he was a member of the panel selecting the European Capitals of Culture. He is the only Finn who has been a regular member of the panel.

From the beginning of the autumn, the entire bidding organization was also renewed. Later, the team has been further strengthened with international names. The team composition can be found at

The application team is currently preparing a final application. The team processes and evaluates the proposals that have been received, asks for clarifications, and extracts the program from the projects into the book. Projects that complement the narrative and make the vision of the Capital of Culture year intact will be presented in the application book.

The application book for the final stage will be handed over to the Ministry of Education and Culture by 23 April 2021. The final selection will be made by an international panel on 2.6.2021.

In addition to Tampere, a large number of municipalities in Pirkanmaa are involved in the search for Tampere and Pirkanmaa. The main partner is Mänttä-Vilppula. Oulu and Savonlinna are also in the race for the title.

Kulttuuripääkaupunkihaun johtotiimi
Pauli Sivonen (left), Marika Vapaavuori and Perttu Pesä.