Ice Sauna is a strange vision in Eteläpuisto.

A fine Ice Sauna was built in Eteläpuisto by students – just because it was an idea crazy enough!

Now it’s almost ready: On Wednesday, February 10, everything seems to be ready in the ice sauna to be built in Tampere’s Eteläpuisto. The sauna has a roof and you can use the stove. Maybe already in the evening the builders will be able to properly test the steams?

However, you need to do a little finishing first. The ice at the top shows signs of melting, and maybe one more layer of ice needs to be put on? Builders Pyry Paaso and Atso Jaakkola sigh that this could be a long evening.

What is all this about? It is about the fact that five students of TAMK’s Proacademy missed things to do and decided to build an ice sauna next to Pyynikinharju, in Eteläpuisto (South Park) of Tampere. The permits were arranged, and after about 400 working hours, the sauna will soon be ready for bath.

There is a surprising amount of work to do. Ice should be sawn from the lake, towed on a sled to the construction site, lifted into place and frozen. Need to get a stove, thermally insulate the chimney. You need to get another fireplace to heat the wash water, build benches, keep things heated in the tent that serves as a dressing room. A reservation system needs to be built, as the builders plan to rent a sauna for those who are willing to have a really exotic sauna experience.

But why on earth did the whole thing get underway?

“We have a group of five guys like this. Some of us live in Tammela as roommates and it has become our living room for five guys. We sat down once in the evening and thought that something should be invented, because we had never done business tigether. Then we had this Ice Sauna idea, and the idea was so crazy that it had to be done”, says Pyry Paaso.

Nice they did it! Almost every passer-by admires and praises the sauna. The big media from Aamulehti to Yleisradio have visited the site to talk to the builders of the sauna. The sauna became a phenomenon

These days, builders are starting to rent a sauna. Sauna and the ascetic changing rooms can accommodate six people.

Proakatemia is TAMK’s program focusing on team entrepreneurship. It’s hard to imagine what would be a better project for a training program idea than a sauna. Builders will get the job done as part of their future degree.

The Tampere and Pirkanmaa Capital of Culture search wishes the sauna men good luck! Sauna is one of the main themes of the Capital of Culture bid. We went to take the Culture Cap beanies for the builders!

Saunan rakentajat

Atso Jaakkola (vas.) and Pyry Paaso were finalizing the ice sauna on Wednesday, 10th of February. Of course wearing the Culture Cap beanies!