A Concert Hall Named After Jaakko Ryhänen Proposed in Lempäälä

A renowned group of supporters is planning a concert hall named after Jaakko Ryhänen in the former Piippo Factory.

A Concert Hall Named After Jaakko Ryhänen Proposed in Lempäälä

A group of prominent former residents of Lempäälä is proposing “a cultural centre for diverse performing arts” to be built in the old Piippo Factory building.

The spokesperson for this project is the renowned opera singer Jaakko Ryhänen, after whom the concert hall would also be named. The project is headed by Jaakko Ryhänen -salin tuki ry. (the Supporters for Jaakko Ryhänen Hall), an organisation established for this purpose. Even though the hall would be christened after an opera singer, it is meant to be open to all genres of music.

The organizers announced their project on Thursday, while also presenting it to the municipality of Lempäälä.

According to Jaakko Ryhänen, Antti Piippo came up with the original idea. The idea was hashed over at a class reunion, and Ryhänen has already toured the proposed premises.

“They have strong walls, a sturdy roof, and enough cubic and square metres. All the best concert halls in the world are shaped like a box,” Ryhänen says and reckons that the renovation project shouldn’t be impossibly expensive.

”Sometimes, it is also possible to build affordably.”

The project supporters would like to see the concert hall built by 2026.

“With Tampere and Tampere Region’s bid to become Capital of Culture taking off, this is one way for Lempäälä to contribute,” said Timo Soini while presenting the project. He added that this would be a good opportunity for Lempäälä “to seek their share of EU’s cultural projects and structural funds.”

Representatives of the municipality of Lempäälä received the presentation, promising to initiate a swift investigation on the matter.

The municipality has already received one motion concerning a new concert hall, the fate of which will also be resolved in this context. In January, there was an online petition calling for a concert hall to be built in conjunction with the upper comprehensive school to be erected at the site of Lempäälä’s former upper secondary school. A concert hall has been a long-standing wish in Lempäälä.

The municipality vowed to investigate all options, and there are also several choices for location. The now proposed former Piippo Factory is currently owned by the municipality, with active businesses as tenants.