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Read the latest news about Tampere Region's progress to become a European Capital of Culture.


Continuity for the International Cooperation: Slow Travel Performance from Tampere to Chemnitz

Operation Pirkanmaa implements the objectives of the Tampere26 bid during the years 2022–2024

We did not get the title of Capital of Culture, but the project continues – with a limited version

A Disappointment for Tampere but the Work Hasn’t Been for Nothing: ”We Are More Unified Than Ever”

“Warm congratulations to the winner” – Oulu was chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2026

Tampere26 application – European Dimension

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Moomin on Ice

Photo by Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Skate-friendly Cities

Manserama. Photo by Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: ACCAC Equality Fest

K-Wheel Dance Project. Photo by ACCAC

The panel visited Tampere – This is what they saw

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Plastic Rapids

Photo by Henrika Nieminen

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Special eSports World Championships

Special eSport competition at Wärjäämö.

Why Tampere? The team tells us why, in the beautiful scenery of Pyynikki

Team in Pyynikki.

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Rights at Stake

Photo by the Finnish Science Centre Heureka

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: TUPeGE – Tampere Urban Performing Game Event

Kids having fun at Finlayson. Photo by Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: The EDAS Tool

Photo by Jarmo Skön

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Edible City – Wild&Cuisine

Photo by Villipihlaja

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: Kontrol Urban Art Festival

Photo by Nuutti Päällysaho, Hiedanranta, 2021

Inside the Cultural Programme of Tampere26: “Your Echo In Me” choral events

Let’s start taking a look into the Cultural Programme of Tampere26! The first presentation: KIRSI – Woman With…

Photo by Miia Jauhiainen

Bloom is building a bridge between internationals and locals 

Bloom Office in Kehräsaari

Mayor Lyly and the city board got their copies of Tampere bid book

Lauri Lyly, Perttu Pesä

Bid books ranked: Which one is the best and which city needs the title most

compilation pic of logos

Tampere26 wants to be “Equally European” – Equality as the main theme in Tampere Region’s application…

Sauna in a car

Is Trenčin the other European Capital of Culture 2026?

Trenčín Castle (Trenčiansky hrad). Photo by Trenčín 2026 / Karell

Yle: Finnish candidates compete for the title of Capital of Culture in different ways

The most attractive city in Finland? Of course it’s Tampere!

Our address changed: TampereRegion2026 is now Tampere26

International market

Projects worth 500 000 euros support Tampere European Capital of Culture bid

Sorsapuisto park

The movie Dual brought Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul to Tampere – the collaboration created a new competition for…

Aram Tertzakian, producer of movie Dual,  discusses with people from Tampere.

It’s the finals. Who will win: Oulu, Savonlinna or Tampere?

Long live Folk! brings folk music stars to the net – live streaming on saturday

Long Live Folk! poster

Kiira Korpi as “The Snow Queen” – also other skating and ice hockey legends on ice in new Uros Live spectacle

Snow Queen poster

Hollywood producer starts Master classes for finnish movie professionals next month

Aram Tertzakian

A fine Ice Sauna was built in Eteläpuisto by students – just because it was an idea crazy enough!

Ice sauna

Municipalities involved more prominently than ever before – Pauli Sivonen praises the regional nature of the…

Serlachius Museum

#KuvaaKulttuuria! Instagram photography competition for young people of the Tampere Region

Where to find suitable workspaces for artists? Welcome to the webinar to hear the proposals!

The most important games of Ice Hockey World Championships will be played in Tampere

Ice hockey celebration

This is how students see Tampere – Surprising pictures

A Small but Indomitable Village – Welcome, Kuhmoinen!


Pikku Kakkonen and Särkänniemi introduce “Media World”

Kids playing in the snow

Now it is official: Tampere city is committed to the European Capital of Culture bid


Towards the Capital of Culture: The new and different Cultural Gala will be broadcast live on Yle’s TV1 channel…

How shall European Capital of Culture benefit us? And 10 other good questions

International market

“Now it happens”: Volleyball European Championships in Tampere

This will keep you up to date on how the Tampere Capital of Culture bid is progressing

Six Points on the European Capital of Culture and Internationality

Moomin Museum

Maria Mattila – About Mental Health, Trust and Equality

Artistic Board leads now the bidding process

Artistic Board

Tampere Region Capital of Culture bid enters a new phase

“It is essential that every municipality finds it’s own highlights”

Meeting in Nokia.

European Capital of Culture 2025 is a twin city of Tampere

Expert claims: “Tampere and Pirkanmaa is the most european area in Finland”

Gösta museum.

European Capital of Culture from the business point of view: “You just cannot stay uninspired”

Jarkko Järvenpää

Enthusiasm in Nokia city – and the sports world is also with us

Perttu Pesä in Nokia

Galway 2020 starts again with “reimagined” programme

Flower Meadows are now part of the cultural program – there are more special surprises on the list

Flower Meadows of Sastamala

The world, Europe and we all need good deeds

Tampere proudly presents: Jesse Markin and other stars at the opening night of Tallinn Music Week

Perttu Pesä looks for a winning recipe in sports: “They have done something right”

Panel gave Tampere bid some praise, but also hard criticism


European Capital of Culture 2026 is nominated next June – This is how the selection proceeds

New team started: “The aim is to make an offer that Europe cannot refuse.”

Hello Tampere Region! Join us and do something good

Now the authors are taking ownership of this project!

Tampere Capital of Culture application enters second stage under new leadership

Tampere is in the 2nd round: All three applicants chosen to continue in the race

Tampere bid for the European Capital of Culture is now published: Includes over 90 program titles

European Capital of Culture: International panel will decide the fate of Tampere

A lake view, Virrat/ Photo by Laura vanzo

Mänttä-Vilppula is a wonderful art city in the middle of forests

Expert: This is the state of EU funding for culture right now. Something new also coming!

The success of Tampere in the Capital of Culture competition will be announced after Midsummer

Check this service: All Finnish grants in one web page

Report: Capital of Culture Year was a success for Plovdiv

Tampere liberates policy for restaurant terraces

Capital of Culture bid is looking for employees

The most important grant info of the year? Kone Foundation tells about next autumn

Capital of Culture is a major opportunity to raise international brand of Tampere

Coronavirus and the capitals of culture: This is how Galway and Rijeka will go through the crisis

Please tell, how you would use 450 000 EUR to make children and youngsters happy

The City board approved the Tampere European Capital of Culture application

The secret of success: Why Aarhus succeeded as the European Capital of Culture?

Best thing in Tampere for an american? “I am absolutely obsessed with sauna”

Tampere invades Tallinn Music Week with music and an inspiring vision of equality

Converting Your Vehicle to Run on Bioethanol Cuts Down Pollution

Firmly Onboard the ECoC Bid: Ikaalinen Boasts a Lot of Ideas

There You Have It! The Municipal Partnership Agreements Signed

Jokelin and Hujanen Seek Darkness in Tampere Region

Cultural Strategy 2030 Setting the Base for the ECoC Bid 

Municipal Partners Sign Agreements 

Equality seminar: If we want to achieve gender equality, we need to collect data and start acting!

The Gender Equality Prize: Equality Now Changed 50 Discriminatory Laws 

Equality Promoted in Tampere: Soon, 12-year-olds Get to Vote on Budget! 

The Whole Region Joins the ECoC Bid of Tampere: “The Passion in the Proposals Took Us by Surprise”

Juha Hemanus

The City of Tampere Receives First Gold Record from Mansesteri

Handicrafts Attract 50 000 Visitors to Fair

The imperial Bad Ischl is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2024

Accessible Hobby Opportunities Make Tampere an Equal Capital of Culture

ECOC Bid Expanding Again: Welcome, Sweet Akaa!

The Importance of Sauna and Regional Unity

The Meeting Venue for the Capital of Culture Heated Carbon-negatively

Capital of Culture 2022: Kaunas Wants to Shake the Spirit of a ‘Hopeless City’

Flood of Ideas: Nearly 700 Proposals for the Capital of Culture Programme

The sauna of Tohloppi Lake. More sauna is one of the main themes in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa bid.

Project Still Expanding: Kuhmoinen Also Joining the Bid

Lielahti, Kämmenniemi, Hervanta, Vesilahti… Scouring the Villages for Ideas with Simo Frangén

A Concert Hall Named After Jaakko Ryhänen Proposed in Lempäälä

There is a Beast Living in the Caves underneath Kaunas. What is Tampere Region’s Response?

The Mythical Beast of Kaunas

Nice Buildings Aren’t Enough: “We Must Dare to Rethink the Concept of the Art Museum”

Satu Vuorinen

Welcome aboard, Urjala! ”We will get our local groups together and start throwing ideas around”

Hannu Maijala, the municipal manager of Urjala

Urjala joins Tampere Region in European Capital of Culture Bid

Emmi’s Preparty Bit into Equality

Emmi Nuorgam

Hiedanranta Abuzz: Brainstorming the Cultural Programme with Nearly a Hundred Participants

Expert Tips on How to Get EU Support

Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin

Tampere and Tampere region wish to become the capital of equality

Children and the theme balloons at Puistofiesta 2019

People of Tampere, This is Not a Beauty Pageant. Bring Out Your Dark Side!

The themes of our Capital of Culture bid are revealed on 16 August!

Players at Puistofiesta 2017 / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Tampere needs an art campus along the tramway, near the city centre

The Mayor Lauri Lyly and the Debuty Mayor Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki at the presentation of the working group's final report

The people of Tampere value saunas, lakes and festivals

The Sauna Day at Rajaportti Sauna. Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

The Capital of Culture bid was discussed in the international seminar 30 July

Ulrich Fuch at the Ultimate Bid-Book Seminar / Photo by Pauli Sivonen

Tampere is preparing a long-term cultural strategy in cooperation with residents and cultural actors

The Opening Ceremony of the Capital of Culture bid

Celebrate Europe Day on May 9 with international cultural experiences

Dancers at the Europe Day / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Everybody is invited to the opening event of Tampere’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture on 30 March at…

The Opening Ceremony of Capital of Culture bid

The first Sauna day in Tampere on 27 July 2019!

Tullin Sauna / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Local cultural operators met in Hiedanranta and innovated the Capital of Culture bid

The meeting of the cultural operators in Hiedanranta

Why does Tampere want to become the European Capital of Culture?

Tampere and the Tampere Region are applying to become European Capital of Culture to be able to promote what is most important to us: The people.

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