Home under the North Star

Urjala is a state of mind. It is a blue moment, which you can remember when you jump to swim into the sea, read a good book, or laugh under the moonlight. It is harmony between work and leisure.

Urjala (originallu Urdiala) is a municipality of little less than 5000 people, founded in 1868. The new center of Urjala originates from the 19th century, when they built a church for Laukeela village.

Urhala has had strong tradition of handcraft through its history. Handcraft professions such as glassblowers, carpenters, and makers of baskets, carpets and rowing chairs have always been strongly represented in the village. In Urjala, you will also find the oldest still working “lasipruuki” (glass factory) in Finland, Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Urjala is an estate manor village. Many manors have affected the history and culture of Urjala since the 17th century.

The most famous person of Urjala is the writer Väinö Linna. Linna’s Under the North Star trilogy tells a story about the way of life in Urjala and also language, which is interpreted a bit differently from one generation to another.

The tourist route of Väinö Linna offers a trip to the deep roots of Finnish culture. The route goes around in beautiful nature of Urjala and takes the tourist in the middle of the North Star Trilogy landscape.


Famous sights

Nuutajärv Glass Village, Väinö Linna route, Pölkinvuori Kasvimaailma, manor of Metsälinna,, Urjala Church, stone sacristy in Urjalankylä, replica of Karhukorsu (Bear Dugout) from the time of the Continuation War


Local Flavors

List of local restaurants and cafes



Pentinkulman päivät – literature festival, MitäsMitäsMitäs -alternativefestival, Nuutajärvi-day, Lasivitriini, Nuutajärvi Gallery Summe Exhibition, Urjala Soikoon! -festival, Asema Park Blues