The Church of Saint Michael, Pälkäne

Best times

Pälkäne offers the best of best times. Around the municipality you can see a rooster reminding you of the great educational work that is the wooden ABC book made by the visual artist Daniel Medelplan. See and experience the most beautiful ceiling fresco in the world at the ruined church. Laitikkala village offers travelers the finest tastes. Award-winning wines, cheeses, breads and other delicacies invite you to visit Laitikkala even from far away. In Luopioinen, you can participate in the striking dialogue between art and science in the summer of transformations. And nature, of course, is all around with wilderness areas and waters perfect for canoeing.


Famous sights

Th church of Saint Michael, Laipanmaa – forest, Ostrich farm Syrjynen


Local flavors

Rönnvik wineyard, Uotila bakery’s bread, Suttinen berry farm, Niitty-Seppälä strawberry farm, Heikkilän juusto – locally produced cheese, Penttilän perunarieska – local flatbread, Sarkanen’s homemade ice cream.



Kirkastusjuhlat – music festival, Sappee summer theatre, The Summer of Transformations – art exhibitions, Cycling event around lake Pälkänevesi, Kukkia Triathlon – triathlon event around Kukkia lake surroundings, The day of open bookshells, Varrella virran – family outdoor event, August Rock, Events in Vanha savotta. More information about events