Sweet town of Akaa

Akaa is a modern and eventful place located along the road from Helsinki to Tampere. We enjoy smooth traffic, cheap living, and nature, which you can access right from your home door. Akaa is also the honey capital of Finland. The title is based on ongoing, unique, and big apiary project in the city. In Akaa you find more than 30 apiaries, inhabited by 15 million bees. The bees enrich our nature.


Famous sights

Locomotive museum, Wallpaper Museum Pihlgren and Ritola Oy, Museum for Kids’ Carriages, Visavuori Museum, Church of Akaa, Church of Viiala and Church of Kylmäkoski


Local Flavours

Jonkka Highland, Tolvilan mansion sheep fram and Paimenen makasiini, Teriste Mansion, Teris Island, Hopping Brewsters Beer Company, Kuhavuori farm honey, Viiala Bakery



“Hunajahulinat” (Honey Festival), Näkymä Exhibition for Enronmental Art, Festival for Left Handed People, Viva la Viiala -festival, performances by Toijala and Viiala Theatres, Midsommer Night event in the harbour