Pikku Kakkonen has been the heart of Finnish children's culture for decades

Tampere is just the right sized to be the capital of culture: we have lots of great things to offer, but not too much that the best ones would be lost in the crowd. The variety of culture is top quality, shown with pride and it is easily achievable for everyone.

Tampere hasn’t stopped. It is constantly moving forward dynamically. In addition to quality culture, quality science is also being made in Tampere. Special thanks go to an outstanding network of music studies: Tampere has the Music Conservatoire, that offers education in music also on a higher level, Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto, and in addition some private music schools too.

When it comes to children’s culture and music, Tampere is one of the key places for both. The home for children’s program Pikku Kakkonen is at Tampere and the program has been the heart of Finnish children’s culture for decades.

Also, other cultural institutions in Tampere, such as orchestras, theatres and museums have invested in children. In addition to the folks of Pikku Kakkonen, also Moomins live in the city, among many others.

For me, an important detail is that kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument, is played everywhere in Tampere. The Kantele association has been founded there too.

Satu Sopanen is a professional in the field of children’s music.