Patrik Laine thinks Tampere has everything you need in a cozy package

Patrik Laine

Patrik Laine is one of the biggest ice hockey stars in Tampere. Seasons 2016 – 2019 were a great breakthrough in NHL for Laine playing in Winnipeg Jets.  

We met Laine on Friday, 13th of September in Hakametsä, the legendary ice stadium of Tampere. It is the day when ice hockey season officially starts in Finland, and Laine – who still hasn’t got a deal for the new season in NHL – was practicing with his old team Tappara of Tampere. But wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey.

While practicing Laine praised his home town Tampere. Tampere is the ice hockey capital of Finland but now it also wants to be the European Capital of Culture. We see Laine as a cultural ambassadeur of Tampere. For us the cultural ambassadors are the pioneers of their own cultural sectors who bring the inspiring experiences to all of us.

Patrik Laine, what does Tampere mean to you?

“I wouldn’t go anywhere from here. After all, this is the place where I have been living all my life.”

“I have been quite a lot all around the world and seen some really fancy cities but still, I wouldn’t go anywhere from here. In my opinion this is the best city I have been living in and it is as homey as it can be.”

What is the best thing in Tampere?

“The best thing in Tampere is the city itself. This is a fine city between two lakes. Here you find just enough of everything. You find here the big city thing so you don’t have to go look for them from anywhere else. And still it is very homey. It feels like home, always.”

What do you hope for Tampere?

“Well it looks like they are building a lot here. Let’s hope we get a lot of new people here and more jobs. And when the tram is one day ready, it will give this city a metropolitan ambiance. And that is cool.”

We all know your hobby. You are an enthusiastic PlayStation -player. But let’s talk about culture. What is your favourite band in Tampere?

Well, it is Popeda. Real Tampere rock’n’roll.”

Patrik Laine, NHL hockey player from Tampere
Patrik Laine is hoping his home town Tampere will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026.