Magic from the theatre

Elisa Piispanen

I am an actress born in East Helsinki, now a full-blown citizen of Tampere, who is tirelessly fascinated by people and everything that touches, connects and surprises them and brings them joy.

I have studied law and graduated as a Master of Theatre Arts. I took a Degree Programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Tampere in 1999, and since then I have been acting full-time in Tampere Theatre. I have been a guest actress in Q-Theatre, Turku City Theatre, the TTT-Theatre, the Theatre Siperia, YLE TV2 television series and various different artist groups.

I enjoy teamwork and combining different art forms in new, even strange ways. As long as I am excited enough, I can do anything and keep learning new things. I am also good at inspiring and encouraging others to try new things.

I often find my way outside the traditional performance venues, auditoria and performing concepts, including places where people rarely expect to see performances.

In addition to my acting roles in Tampere Theatre, I am currently touring homes for the elderly with a pole dance and poetry performance “Rakas, Sinä Lennät!” (“You are Flying, My Love!”) together with actress Karoliina Blackburn. Occasionally, I also perform in people’s living rooms with the Kotiteatteri working group.

I teach people skills, self-expression, teamwork, yoga, community crocheting, aerial yoga and aerial acrobatics to different kinds of work communities and people of all ages.
My hobbies are ice swimming, terminal care and long-distance running.

I have two children, a husband and a cat.