I am always amazed how theatres get a full house even on weekdays

Strong polarisation has always been part of the essence of Tampere. Despite the difficult historical events people have always been able to find a way to move forward by settling things, and this has helped the development of the city and its culture. For instance, in ice hockey, Ilves and Tappara have gotten forward, in theatre side of things we have Tampere Theatre and Tampere Workers’ Theatre.

Tampere has a strong reputation as a theatre city and my experience tells me that it’s not just a slogan. Tampere makes it easy to go to the theatre whether it’s a regular workday or a special occasion. I am always amazed how theatres get a full house even on weekdays.

The identity of a theatre town is enforced and enrichened by lot of the smaller theatres that have been founded in the recent years, such as Tampere Comedy Theatre, Theatre Telakka and Theatre Siperia.

International Tampere Theatre Festival shows that Tampere is a meaningful theatre town outside of Finland too.

Aimo Räsänen is an actor from Tampere.