Within only 4 years Tampere managed to be the hot spot for international students and businesses

I first moved to Tampere in 2014, while I was studying in Voionmaan opisto in Ylöjärvi. At the beginning of 2015 due to financial struggle I had to give up the school and go back to live in Imatra, where I lived when I first moved to Finland in 2010.

However, because I fell in love with the city of Tampere, I decided to apply for TAMK to do a BA in culture and art, in which I got accepted and I moved back to Tampere in July 2015. Since then Tampere has welcomed me like no other cities in Finland.

My starting point as a director in Finland was from Tampere when I did my collaboration in Telakka teatteri. Moreover my artistic approach has grown bigger since I moved to Tampere. By that I mean skills and development of my artistic research. Right now I’m curating an multimedia and sound event with the collaboration of Himmelblau gallery, which will happen in April 2020.

My ambition for this event is to make it an annual festival and hopefully I will be able to bring international sound and video artists to Tampere. Therefore, Tampere was and will always be an important and valuable point in my life and my career.

Many reasons attract Tampere city to be the European culture city 2026, the most noticeable or important reasons for me personally are the following;

First the people’s attitude; by that I mean the citizens in Tampere are laid back and relaxed. They are very welcoming, very supportive and very eager for change.

Second the continuous development of the city. There is a huge difference between Tampere in 2015 and Tampere now. Within only 4 years Tampere managed to be the hot spot for international students and businesses. In addition to the most visible thing is the change in the infrastructure of the city.

There are things which we cannot change in Tampere to make it the Mecca of artists, which are the living cost and rent. It is a fact that Finland, in general, is expensive, however. What would be interesting to develop in Tampere is the visuality of the city and expanding the culture area. That means. 1. enhancing the way we approach designs, 2. allowing and offering spaces for different genre of art performances and theater and 3.oprganizing different international art events/festivals.

Mohammed (Moe) Mustafa is a theatre director and artist from Tampere. He wrote and directed  a play called When A Rainbow is Black for Telakka Theatre.